MRFF got my commander and his wife to stop

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From: (Active Duty Enlisted Member/MRFF Client’s e-mail address withheld)
Subject: MRFF got my commander and his wife to stop
Date: January 29, 2024 at 3:38:30 PM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF Staff and Reps at (military installation name withheld),

I am a (junior enlisted rank withheld) in the U.S. (military branch withheld) stationed at (military installation name withheld).

I am married with 2 kids. My wife and I were raised as Christians but do not generally go to church on a regular basis.

I wanted to thank Mikey Weinstein and our base MRFF Reps very much for helping me to be able to make my commander and his wife stop providing “Christian Bible counseling” to me and my wife.

We are fairly new to this military base and within the first week of our arrival our commander’s wife called my wife out of the blue to invite her over to their house for what was advertised as an informal “meet and greet” but was not. My wife was surrounded by other spouses of members of our unit and it was a full-fledged Christian bible study and “Christian counseling session” as the commander’s wife put it. . My wife was shocked and hurt and made up an excuse about having to go to a dental appointment to get out of there early. She was asked to “witness” about her “current relationship” with Christ the moment she set foot in the commander’s house.

At work my commander has “invited’ me to attend the early morning bible studies he leads before normal work hours on Tuesday and Thursdays. I agreed to go to one in the hopes of getting him to leave me alone after that but he continued to confront me about no longer attending his “Christian bible counseling” sessions as he calls them. He repeatedly reminded me that “spiritual fitness” is a graded area on my annual performance evals. And also  his wife kept texting my wife to come to their bible studies for military spouses at their residence. 

I spoke to our First Shirt about this but she just shrugged and said there wasn’t anything she could do. My wife and I didn’t know what to do next to stop this intimidation?

Fortunately another enlisted supervisor in my chain did get me together with our base MRFF Rep (name and rank withheld) who got me on the phone within 20 minutes with Mikey Weinstein after work one evening. 

Mikey asked for the contact information of my upper chain of command well above my commander. I gave him the permission to call them. My wife and I were nervous but felt like we had no other choice but to let Mikey and the MRFF intervene for us as no-one else could do it.

Mikey spoke with 2 individuals in that chain and got back to me the very next day and confirmed that he was advised by command after making the formal complaint against my commander and his wife that the harassment would stop right away.

And all I know afterwards is that the early morning “Christian Bible counseling” sessions led by our commander immediately stopped as did the invitations to my spouse to attend the commander’s wife’s bible studies at their on base house!

It’s been almost a month now and there has been no blowback to me or my wife and family as of yet at all. I know it might still happen but so far so good. I do sometimes get the “side eye” from our First Shirt but that doesn’t bother me so far.

If any sort of reprisal happens at all we will contact MRFF right away but we also want to thank everyone at the MRFF for taking this painful stress and burden off of our backs. We cannot thank the MRFF enough!


(Active Duty Enlisted Member/MRFF Client’s name, rank, MOS/AFSC, title, installation, and military branch all withheld)

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  1. Jeff January 30, 2024 at 4:32 pm

    Good job Mikey and unit MRFF reps! Amazing to me that unit commanders are still being allowed to get away with forcing their religious practices on the people under their command, with no fear of repercussions. This demonstrates that the Pentagon still isn’t serious about enforcing its regulations and protecting the basic rights of service members.

  2. Kat January 30, 2024 at 5:49 pm

    These are the types of events that happened back in the ’90s when I was in the USAF. In addition, during basic training, all recruits would be forced to attend church services (I only remember Christian services being an option) on Sundays – or be required to stay back and clean latrines during that time. So grateful that MRFF is there to make sure this type of thing never has to happen to anyone else.

  3. David S. January 31, 2024 at 5:53 am

    Hey Mikey!

    I’m very glad you were able to successfully intercede on the junior enlisted’s behalf. The commander and his spouse’s behavior in this case were well over the line. Both know, or should know, that intimidating others under his command to join their religious clique is inappropriate and highly suspect, as they’re keenly aware the enlisted are dependent upon excellent performance reviews for career progression and promotion. I’d expect this kind of high-pressure tactic from a morally bankrupt timeshare or used car salesman, but certainly not from anyone who commands others. If he behaves in this way with his fellow Christians, I shudder to think how he interacts with those who don’t share his (or any) faith. Given my own military history, I believe an Inspector General complaint would be more effective in determining just how deep this moral rot goes, and would yield better results for everyone under his command.

    People join the military for a variety of reasons: To serve their country, for a good job allowing entry to the middle class, to see the world, and for higher educational and other VA benefits as examples. They do not join to be harassed both on-duty and off by overeager fanatical religious proselytizers who hold the keys to their future as leverage for their own self-aggrandizement. Those who engage in such behavior should face more serious consequence than just a word from on high to “cut it out”. More disturbing is the First Sergeant’s behavior, which demonstrates a complete failure to stand for good order and discipline within her unit and negligence in protecting junior enlisted personnel facing unethical harassment by their commander. These are very serious problems. This outcome, while beneficial for this junior enlisted, does nothing to address the underlying issues within his unit. Keep fighting the good fight sir!

    David S.

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