Fuck You, Mikey

Published On: April 12, 2024|Categories: MRFF's Inbox|2 Comments|

On Apr 12, 2024, at 1:11 PM, (name withheld) wrote:


Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

From: Mikey Weinstein
Subject: Fuck you, Mikey!
Date: April 12, 2024 at 1:24:36 PM MDT
To: (name withheld)

…there, there, sweetheart….looks like we hit some sort of touchy nerve with you, l’il fella?!…it’ll be ok….….may I suggest a nice warmed-up Poptart and some cold milk from your mommy’s fridge?!….also, get out of your parents’ basement for once and go for a little stroll prior to your anger management class & neo-nazi club meetings this evening…….

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  1. Jeff April 13, 2024 at 7:28 am

    It never fails – the only response those who are against religious freedom and equal rights can come up with to register their unhappiness with the work of MRFF to support that same freedom and those rights is to hurl childish, meaningless insults at the folks doing the hard work. These fools never understand or appreciate why people like Mikey are willing to do the work and endure the insults – until their own religious freedom is threatened.

  2. A.L. Hern April 15, 2024 at 5:10 pm

    There is no one so adept at, or wedded to, accusing his opponents of what he himself is guilty than Donald Trump, because he never has any facts at his disposal, only the fear-mongering playbook aimed at the most ignorant segment of his base (of which, it seems, you are a card-carrying member).

    Whenever Trump or his apologists in Republican ranks, or among the right-wing pundits paid millions of dollars by billionaires and their coprporations to advance their political and economic agendas (which don’t include improving the lives of nameless, faceless nobodies like me or you), lie to that base, it more than implies their utter contempt for its members: that they think they’re too stupid to know what’s true, are too lazy to bother to find out the truth and too cowardly to expose themselves to truths that might conflict with the beliefs they hold as a result of partisan brainwashing.

    I don’t think that Americans are, by and large, lazy, stupid or cowardly, but there are those who prove they are those things by the words they write and speak and the votes they cast in diametrical opposition to their own best interests.

    And YOU are one of those, fella.

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