MRFF Demands Army Bases Immediately Cease Using Repugnant Christian Nationalist National Day of Prayer Artwork

Published On: April 25, 2024|Categories: Featured News, News|0 Comments|

This year, the Christian dominionist “National Day Prayer (NDP) Task Force” has outdone itself with its militaristic Christian nationalist graphic, which is comprised of a hand holding up a sword with a Christian cross on it and “sacred heart” on its hilt, with a shield behind it covered with Christian symbology, and an American flag as the sky in the background. 

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the chaplains at many military bases, who should be organizing non-denominational events that are inclusive of all personnel of any religion who want to attend, are using this NDP Task Force tour-de-force of Christian nationalism and fundamentalist Christian militarism as the graphic to promote their bases’ events, stamping it with their seal of approval by putting the official Army Chaplain Corps emblem on it.

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