MRFF supporter and donor comments on South Texas VA Health Care System executive director’s meaningless response to MRFF regarding proselytizing “Easter tree” at VA medical center

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Audie Murphy VA medical center lobby with people at computer stations with He is risen sign behind them and Easter tree next to them

From: (MRFF supporter and donor’s name withheld)
Date: April 4, 2024 at 7:48:53 PM MDT
To: [email protected].
Subject: Re: Outrageous Proselytizing “Easter Tree” and “He is Risen” Signs Removed from VA Medical Center After MRFF Demand

J Flynn’s email was as sarcastic a “F.U. AND your constitution, laws, rules and regulations; we kept the Christian supremacy display up all Easter anyway: whatcha gonna do about it?“ message as she could possibly come up with. She clearly believes, – or knows, more likely – that she’ll be protected from the law by someone else over her whom also believes that the United States 🇺🇸 is a “Christian nation “. I’m poor, but inconsiderate, arrogant people like J Flynn are why I will ALWAYS donate and support MRFF. Thanks for fighting for equality in these United States 🇺🇸 of America 🇺🇸 Sir. I salute 🙂 your fine organization. 

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One Comment

  1. Ironmoped April 12, 2024 at 9:40 am

    And a fine organization the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is, led and run by true Patriots.

    By contrast, did you see the MAGA morons in the Arizona Senate chamber down on their knees “speaking in tongues,” that coveted “make shit up gibberish” coming out of their pie-holes, pretending a magic-man in the clouds understood their incoherent imbecility?

    A State Senator leading the MAGA moron miscreants, obviously put in office by a constituency of Diaper Don supporters, their cult chants a photo op reflection of the stupidity of the Maga base.

    Pray in one hand and shit in the other. See which one gets the fullest!

    If we could just get Diaper Don to hand out the Jim Jones Koolaid or run a super sale on tools they could buy to fill their pockets with before they walk into the ocean!

    Their total abortion ban using an 1864 territorial law.

    Arizona, in the top ten of “taker States,” 1/3 of State revenue provided by the federal Government. I wonder if they were asking their magic man in the clouds for more federal funding? lol!

    My message to the “speaking in tongues” crowd, “keep talking cat shit. Someone will be along to cover you up!”

    From the New Global Dictionary: Speaking In Tongues – The incoherent linguistic verbalizations emanating from those with their tongues up Trump’s Putinized ass! Also – see Kari Lake!

    MAGATS – Out The Door In 24!

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