Tell Senator Cornyn you support our servicemembers’ First Amendment rights

Senator Cornyn’s letter on the suspension of radical Air Force mandatory military ‘ethics’ trainings is an affront to our men and women in uniforms’ First Amendment rights to religious freedom.

Sign the petition and tell Senator Cornyn you support the Air Force’s action and that all members of the military are owed the honor of serving their country without being preached at.

I stand with the Air Force in their suspension and review of unconstitutional mandatory military ‘ethics’ trainings.





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  1. Lewis Smith


  2. Dave

    Funny how our government can’t seem to accept our secular constitution and religion creeps into the military like it or not.

  3. Darrell McClanahan

    Just one more push by the right wing zealots to do something clearly contrary to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Have these people no shame at all?

  4. Linn Kincaid

    This is America, not a theocracy

  5. mary lou oxley

    Everyone deserves to have their religious path honored and respected. Our country was founded on religious freedom. why do people forget or ignore this? so sad. People would be surprised how many pagans and atheists there are in the military fighting for the freedom of these others.

  6. ron

    I always find it amusing when people say this country was founded on religious freedom… when in reality the people they are referring to were run out of England because of their intolerance for people of other religions…

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