John M. Compere, Judge & Brig. Gen. (US Army ret.), joins MRFF Advisory Board

“As a pro-active advocate for separation of church & state for all Americans (i.e., civilian & military), the MRFF & its mission statement are completely compatible with my secular advocacy & interests. It is a natural fit.” – Gen. John M. Compere

John Milsap Compere is a  West Texas rancher and retired U.S. Army Brigadier General, Texas lawyer, U.S. judge and Vietnam-era disabled veteran.

General Compere is a descendant of the Rev. Lee Compere, who came to America as a missionary to the Native Americans. An accomplished writer with an illustrious military career, Compere is the author of 74 published articles for local, state, and national bar associations, as well as being an editorial columnist and commentator for the Abilene Reporter-News, plus contributor to several other publications.

For half a century, General Compere practiced law as a US Army lawyer and Texas lawyer, mediator and arbitrator in Federal and State Courts. For 4 years, Compere served in Washington D.C. as Chief Judge of the US Army Court of Military Review, a tenured Federal Court position requiring nomination by the President of the United States of America and confirmation by the Senate.

Serving for 26 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve, General Compere began as an ROTC cadet at Texas Tech University before beginning active duty as a 101st Airborne Division paratrooper, where he served in Thailand, Vietnam, Honduras, Panama and the USA. Compere retired from the Army as a Brigadier General and Vietnam Era Disabled Veteran.

As a resident of West Texas, General Compere has been frustrated by what he sees as relentless attempts to establish a de facto theocracy, where Christian religious and conservative politics are intertwined and there is scant room for progressive ideas or alternative ideological or theological stances. He considers himself an advocate speaking against the Religious Right. As a former United Methodist Church member, newsletter columnist and teacher of the Bible and its history, he is confident that this study, teaching and knowledge enable him to provide reliable and rational refutation to the selective scriptural snippets used by bible-belt bullies to impose their religious beliefs on others.

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  1. Holy Rebel

    As a teacher of the bible he is a twit and unknowledgeable. Figures that he is United Methodist,the denomination that ordains sinful gay pastors and performs sinful gay marriages and is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Too be anti-Israeli is to be anti-semitic.

  2. Mark Sebree


    Just because you think that homosexuals are “sinful” does not mean that they are. They are not bound by your beliefs, and thus if they do not think that their relationships are “sinful”, then they are not “sinful”. And the United Methodist denomination does not need your opinion as to what they should and should not preach, and they are free to ordain anyone they want to, and perform whatever ceremonies they want to. Just as a church and its leaders cannot legally be forced to perform any religious ceremonies which which goes against their beliefs, so too can they be prevented from performing any ceremony that conforms to their beliefs.

    From what I read, Mr. Compere is far more knowledgeable than you are. For example, being against the policies, laws, and practices of the Israeli nation (anti-Israeli) does not mean that you are in favor of discrimination and a denial of equal rights and protections under the law towards Jews (anti-Semitic). Most people can understand the difference between the actions of a nation and the rights of an individual. I doubt you will comprehend the difference, however, given your posting history.

  3. Holy Rebel


    First of all, all of us are sinful, every man, woman and child alive on planet earth is a sinner. Plus, God calls all sexual immorality as sinful, so I do not need to call homosexuals sinful when God has already called them extremely immoral and sinful. They may not bound by my beliefs, but they are bound by what God says in His Word about immoral homosexual relationships in the same way he calls heterosexual sex outside of marriage is just as sinful and heterosexuals are equally bound by what God’s Word say’s about that.

    Yes the United Methodist Church denomination does not need my opinion, but yet every church is bound to obey what scripture teaches and are not free to pick and choose what verses they will obey and what they will not obey. Since the scriptures point out that homosexual sex is a sin, then they do not have a right scripturally to marry two men or two women or to ordain someone who is homosexual or a heterosexual who has committed adultery against his wife!

    This denomination along with the Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA have gone the way of the world and have clearly ignored the clear teaching of scripture regarding homosexuality, abortion, and the nation of Israel. Thus, when Christ returns, the scriptures teach that the judgement will begin with the house of God, or those churches who have disobeyed His written Word!!

  4. Paula

    As a “holy rebel,” you are a twit and unknowledgeable. You hold beliefs that are hateful and harmful, and you may be astonished to find that there are those of us who do not share those horrible, uninformed, ignorant beliefs. I am not sinful–and neither are you. The Power and Presence of the Universe created each of us as an expression of Its love and wisdom. Your concept of “sin” has no place in the Truth. Yeshua ben Joseph was a myth, a legend, not an actual singular person. It is a child’s belief system. If you want to continue to believe such fairy tales,which also include Santa, Satan, and the Easter Bunny, be my guest, but keep them to yourself. They have nothing to do with adult behavior.

  5. Holy Rebel

    Paula, you make me laugh, look at who is calling who a twit and unknowledable? It is not hateful and harmful to say that one is born a sinner, when it is God who says that we are. Romans 3:23 says that “for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.” Yes, God did create all of us as an expression of His love, but that does not change the fact that we are born sinners and with a propensity to commit sin.

    Who ever told you that Yeshua HaMashiach is a legend or a myth has feeding you a pack of lies, there are so many historical documentations to the fact that Yeshua or Jesus was a real man. Even rabbinic writings acknowledge that He was real.

    My concept of sin has not place in the Truth? Really? Well God is Truth and He has stated that sin is a reality. If you ever want an example that everyone has a sin nature, just look at ever child that says NO to their parents and stomps their feet in defiance and rebels, where does that come from, none other than our sin nature we are all born with. Ah, but Yeshua provided the remedy to our sin nature, by taking all of man kinds sins upon Himself on a Roman cross and shedding His blood, thus cancelling the power of sin if we will only submit out lives to His and acknowledge that we need Him to be our Savior.

    I think it is interesting that you call my belief system a child’s belief system, when Jesus calls us to have a childlike faith.

    To better explain what sin is, sin basically is missing the mark as if you were shooting an arrow at a bulls eye. When we sin we miss God’s mark of obeying what he has called us to obey in His scriptures. So, yes Paula, you are a sinner and so am I, the only difference is I have recognized and have come into agreement with God’s Word about me and have accepted His remedy for my sin which occurred over 2,000 years ago on a hill outside of Jerusalem when Jesus was nailed to a cross to pay the penalty of our sin deserves which is death, physically as well as spiritually. Christ offers the same invitation to you today Paula.

  6. Mark Sebree


    So, what you are saying is that me and everyone else is that we are subject to your religious beliefs and I am bound to follow them, while you are not subject to anyone else’s religious beliefs, and you are not bound by anyone else’s beliefs.

    That is the very definition of “privilege”. It is also extremely arrogant. “Sin” cannot exist except within a religious framework. Change the framework by changing the beliefs or changing the religion, and what is and is not a “sin” changes. Remove the framework, and the entire notion of “sin” collapses. Which means that atheists and agnostics cannot really “sin” according to their beliefs because they do not have any religious framework to hang any “sins” on. And yet, if you look at their actions and views, they are often very “moral” people. “Sins”, like “morals”, are merely subjective opinions about how other people should act. By the way, “sins” come from religion while “morals” come from community and society.

    You are also claiming that YOU get to judge what religions and denominations are correct in their teachings, another sign of over-wielding pride and arrogance. You do NOT have the right to pronounce what beliefs and interpretations of your mythology are “correct” and which are not. You are simply projecting your personal opinion onto others. The fact that you are misogynistic, intolerant, homophobic, narrow-minded, and without a liberal education (look up the phrase before you rant against it) does not mean that the rest of us need to reduce ourselves to your “immoral” level.

    BY the way, Numbers 5 is a prescription for abortions. Look at the results of the woman is pregnant (i.e. “guilty”). The sweepings of the temple floor included grain that was dropped in the offerings. And ergot is a fungus which often grows on grain. It is killed in the cooking of the grain, so it does not affect most people, but the recipe that is given would help reconstitute and activate the fungus, and in the pregnant woman’s body, it would likely cause an abortion. This means that the Bible really does not have anything against abortion. That is just something that extremely conservative denominations tell their followers because those denominations want to control women and are afraid of their sexuality and freedom. They know that if women start thinking for themselves as a group, they will leave those conservative, repressive sects for more liberal, enlightened, inclusive ones, and then bring up their children in those denominations.

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