Jason Leopold is the author of the National Bestseller, News Junkie, a memoir. Mr. Leopold is also a two-time winner of the Project Censored award, most recently, in 2007, for an investigative story related to Halliburton's work in Iran

He was most recently a senior editor and reporter for Truthout.org, a position he exited on February 19, 2008 after three years. Leopold left Truthout to start his own web-based political magazine, BackgroundBriefing.org

Leopold has broken numerous stories on the financial machinations Enron engaged in and his investigative pieces on the company have been published in The Nation, Salon.com, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal The San Francisco Chronicle, CBS Marketwatch, Entrepreneur, Utne Reader and other publications. Leopold was also a contributor to CNBC and National Public Radio and had also been the keynote speaker at more than two-dozen energy industry conferences around the country. Leopold has been writing about foreign and domestic policy online for publications such as Alternet, CounterPunch, Common Dreams, ZNet, Z magazine, The Raw Story, Counterbias, Scoop and Truthout.org.