October 2010          

Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Greetings MRFF Supporters!

MRFF has never been as busy as we are now! I was tremendously honored to accept the Anne Froehlich Award for Political Courage on Oct. 3 in Los Angeles. My heartfelt thanks to the dedicated supporters who came to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club event and to all the volunteers who organized it. I especially want to thank stalwart MRFF supporter and my good friend, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, for his eloquent introduction.

Just when we thought the United States Air Force Academy had turned a corner, we found the insidious tide of religious bullying had not, in fact, waned. Instead, it hid itself. A leaked Climate Survey revealed that 40% of non-Christian cadets and staff are STILL subjected to unwanted proselytizing.

Shortly after that, we exposed the despicable, overwhelming pressures on cadets at USAFA to conform to fundamentalist evangelical Christian practices. More than a hundred cadets have come forward. Each of them lives a lie every day, desperately fearing the consequences of discovery. Our letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates demands immediate intervention and extensive investigation into the unconstitutional, cult-like religious programs at the Academy.

Please join me in thanking our partners who co-signed the letter to Sec. Gates. With the dedicated support of our allies, MRFF remains on "red alert" until the rights of the cadets are honored. We rely solely on the generous donations of patriotic supporters like yourselves to protect these brave young Americans who have chosen to dedicate their lives to protecting us. Please make a fully tax-deductible donation today.

Help MRFF and its allies! It is imperative that we push back the tide of unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian proselytizing in our honorable United States armed forces. Your messages on the virtual wall between church and state prove your dedication to this noble cause. Together, we pressure the Department of Defense to release the USAFA Climate Survey and to put a stop to recruiting of cadets for a religious army.

Your Eternal Ally,

Mikey Weinstein

MRFF Featured News
October 2010

11/10/10 - FLORIDA JEWISH JOURNAL - Beware of the Military in the Service of God

10/7/10 - PALISADES POST - Democrats Honor Huerta and Weinstein

G-d's Little Air Force by Gordon Duff

10/2/10 - HUFFINGTON POST - Christianity in the Military:
Are Chaplains Becoming Increasingly Fundamentalist?

10/1/10 - AIR FORCE TIMES - Cadets Pressed to Conform on Religion

MRFF Exposes Continued Religious Intimidation at USAFA

9/30/10 - ACLU of Colorado Supports MRFF's Call to Investigate Air Force Academy

9/30/10 - POLITICAL CARNIVAL - U.S. Evangelical Air Force

MRFF Demands: 1) That Air Force Academy ‘Climate Survey’ Be Made Public;
2) Immediate Investigations of Religious Programs and Culture

9/24/10 - Mikey Weinstein on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer"

9/23/10 - NPR - Jeff Sharlet Discusses MRFF and his book "C Street"

Santa Fe, NM Premiere of "Fair Game"
starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn

November 5, 2010

A portion of proceeds from this premiere event
benefit the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Please see the MRFF Events page
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