March 2011          

Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Mikey WeinsteinGreetings MRFF Supporters!

This just in! I am so very honored to announce our 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award honorees: distinguished actor and producer Mike Farrell, California Council of Churches IMPACT Director of Public Policy Elizabeth Sholes, and decorated military veteran, fighter pilot, and retired airline pilot John Whiteside. Please be on the lookout for additional details coming soon regarding this prestigious gala event scheduled for May 2011.

Next I'd like to mention two late-breaking stories. The first is the Army's announcement that the May 2010 incident where Ft. Eustis soldiers were punished for not attending a Christian "Spiritual Fitness" concert was a simple "misunderstanding," which is a thinly veiled attempt at refocusing the issue away from the primary issue of a command-sponsored sectarian fundamentalist Christian concert held on a United States military base.

The second breaking news story regards the cancellation of a scheduled secular event at Ft. Bragg. A MRFF client, Sgt. Justin Griffith, was courageously organizing the "Rock Beyond Belief" event as a counterpoint to last year's blatantly unconstitutional "Rock the Fort" event that was sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Even though Sgt. Griffith had been absolutely assured a similar level of support as the "Rock the Fort" event received, it turned out that Ft. Bragg had no intention of following through on that assurance. More on both of these developing stories can be found at the links below.

To change gears a bit, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to MRFF Advisory Board Member John Whiteside. John is a veteran and combat-decorated retired U.S. Marine and U.S. Air National Guard aviator/fighter pilot who generously offered to organize and subsidize, at substantial cost, a gala MRFF event at the Rio Hotel on February 27th. His tireless work made the event a stunning success, with attendance by numerous MRFF supporters including Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. I was thrilled to meet many new MRFF fans and to speak to everyone about the tremendous threat to national security created by the increasingly ubiquitous Dominionist Christian control of our United States Armed Forces. For everyone who was unable to attend, please find the link below to watch a video of the event.

Last month, I also had the honor of speaking at Boston College (deepest gratitute BC's "Mr. Everything," Ben Birnbaum) and at an event co-sponsored by Temple Beth Or and Temple Israel in Dayton, OH. The support and interest of the attendees touched me and reminded me how much we rely on you for so much more than donations. Without your efforts, we would never have been able to acheive any of MRFF's stunning successes! I will be speaking at the U.S. Army War College XXII Annual Strategy Conference in April and look forward to seeing MRFF supporters there.

Many of those successes you already know (Jesus Rifles, Franklin Graham, etc), but many can't be publicized because our clients fear horrific reprisal and retribution. MRFF recently silenced a military officer/Christian Fundamentalist predator who was bullying and attacking defenseless, subordinate enlisted personnel (click the link below for more information). The military chain of command has issued a "No Contact Order," forcing this rapacious religious abuser to immediately and forever cease and desist. MRFF worked closely with extremely senior Pentagon leadership to bring about this emphatic resolution to this vile predator's extensive persecution of otherwise completely vulnerable, lower-ranking MRFF clients and their loved ones. This is truly a magnificent MRFF victory for our deserving MRFF clients! We have thousands more and plan to highlight those that we can in coming months.

We are always cognizant of security threats here at MRFF. My home has been attacked and vandalized and my wife and children threatened. MRFF staff receive heinous messages like the ones in our Inbox below every day, but we will never ever back down. As long as MRFF continues to inspire and create change, MRFF will be here to protect the brave service men and women who literally put their lives on the line for us. How could we possibly do anything less? How could any of us?

I know many of you have been following the outrageous "witch hunt" hearings reeking of McCarthyism that our United States Congress is currently holding regarding Muslim radicalism. It is a horrific insult to our U.S. military heroes of the Muslim faith who have given their lives for this country, and to every honorable Muslim American. MRFF is an active participant on behalf of religiously-disenfranchised U.S. servicemen and servicewomen of the Muslim faith. See below for a link to MRFF's statement.

Friends, this is an extremely dangerous and expensive battle we are fighting. Our fundamentalist Christian opponents have vast and extensive funding resources and we...well, we are most fortunate to have all of YOU. Thus, we desperately need your generous donations more than ever. No donation is too small. Stand with us against these predatory criminals who target their subordinates. Help us protect the families of military personnel from fundamentalist Christian proselytizing organizations that specifically target their children while being paid with your tax dollars to do so.

Please make a donation today.

Your Eternal Ally,


MRFF Featured News
March 2011

We Are Honored to Announce:

MRFF's 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award Honorees

Mike Farrell • Elizabeth Sholes • John Whiteside

Click here to read our honorees' biographies

Additional event details will be announced soon.

3/10/11 - MRFF Universally Denounces Rep. Peter King's Anti-Muslim,
McCarthyistic Hearings on Domestic Terrorism

3/9/11 - FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER - Fort Bragg says
atheist concert was treated the same as Christian group

3/9/11 - OPEDNEWS - U.S. Soldiers Can't Even Take a
Crap Without Having the Bible Shoved Up Their...

3/8/11 - ASSOCIATED PRESS - Bragg defends handling of non-religious concert

3/8/11 - EXAMINER - Foxhole Atheists fight religious bias at Fort Bragg

3/8/11 - DAILY PRESS - Army: Misunderstanding led to Eustis concert controversy

3/8/11 - ASSOCIATED PRESS - Soldiers wrongly punished for skipping concert

3/7/11 - AMERICANS UNITED BLOG - Fort Bragg Bias:
Military Fails To Keep Promise To Support Secularist Event

3/6/11 - EXAMINER.COM - Rock Beyond Belief:
Religious Discrimination at Fort Bragg Sparks Lawsuit

3/4/11 - FAY OBSERVER - Secular Concert at Bragg Canceled

3/4/11 - EXAMINER.COM - Rock Beyond Belief Canceled:
US Army Being Sued In Federal Court

3/3/11 - ASSOCIATED PRESS - Secular Concert at Fort Bragg Off;
Organizer Says Didn't Get Same Support as Christian Rally

3/1/11 - MRFF's Senior Research Director Chris Rodda Featured by OpEdNews
Attention Unchurched Military Personnel: They're Coming For Your Children

2/23/11 - MRFF Stops Military Officer/Fundamentalist Christian Religious
Predator's Public Internet Attacks on Enlisted Subordinates

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