May 2011          

Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Mikey WeinsteinGreetings MRFF Supporters!

Mikey Weinstein, reporting for duty! May has been an amazing month for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and we don't intend to halt our forward-momentum by any means. This month, not only the nation but the world itself took the time to solemnly commemorate the 66th anniversary of the victory of Allied forces over Nazism, whose military carried out their unholy mission under the slogan Gott mit uns ("God with us"). In addition, this past weekend we also celebrated Armed Forces Day and this coming Monday we salute those who fell while defending our inviolable freedoms. We at MRFF aren't opposed to marking the occasion with barbecues and pool parties, but in order to truly honor the brave men and women in our armed forces we must steadfastly defend their Constitutionally-guaranteed religious civil rights with deliberate, consistent activism. "May 21st Judgment Day" or not, we're going to keep on fighting the fundamentalist Dominionist forces who are attempting to force-feed our troops their dangerous and oppressive bigotry which undermines the core Constitutional principles of our nation.

As one would expect, not everyone is appreciative of our ongoing struggle to safeguard our constitution from the forces of intolerance: with attacks ranging from the usual anti-semitic, typo-ridden filth ("it's difficult to convince some creatures that their part in God's plan involves an oven,"), to invitations to "confess MRFF's countless sins of evil work", the malicious hate mail and phone calls et al keep on coming fast and furious. These, and innumerable other, examples of undistilled spite only serve to significantly buttress our collective MRFF resolve and clearly provide the useful purpose of reinforcing our commitment to the defense of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights from our sadly ignorant and hateful enemies.

However, it would be uncharacteristic of MRFF to concentrate solely on petty "fire and brimstone"; our 6th Annual MRFF Awards Luncheon (held in gorgeous Albuquerque, New Mexico) was an outstanding success! With a great turnout of passionate freedom-supporters and a prestigious roster of talented guests and stellar awardees, our 2011 Thomas Jefferson Awards presentation and the proud unveiling of our first annual John Adams Award for Pro Bono Legal Support could not have run any more smoothly. Extra-special thanks are due to our truly distinguished honorees, not only for their stirring words but also for their tireless efforts to defend foundational American religious freedom.

Your financial support is appreciated more than we could ever properly convey. In line with our pro bono ethos, our organization has never charged a single one of our clients for the services which we perform on their behalf. It is solely through gracious and timely donations from generous and patriotic supporters like yourself that we are able to continue fighting for the Constitutional rights of our most honorable and noble servicemen and servicewomen in the Federal and state courts and in the media. Please, please make a fully tax-deductible donation today.


MRFF Featured News
May 2011

Evangelism in the Profession of Arms:
An Evaluation of Evangelical Christian Proselytizing in
the Professional Journal of the United States Air Force

Harvard Study Resonates
with MRFF's Core Mission

"The primary implication of this research is to document the possibility of favoritism towards evangelical themes in the professional journal of the USAF, so as to ensure that future editorial boards will present a tolerant and non-sectarian view of legitimate Air Force issues."

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MRFF's 6th Annual Award Luncheon

May 21, 2011

Seven prominent and much deserving individuals were recognized by MRFF for their ongoing and selfless efforts in promoting religious freedom in the United States military.

At this event, we bestowed our 6th Annual Thomas Jefferson Awards for Civil Rights Activism, and our First-Ever John Adams Awards for Pro Bono Legal Support.

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of this amazing recent event

Our Esteemed Awardees:

MRFF's 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award Honorees

Mike Farrell • Elizabeth Sholes • John Whiteside

MRFF's 2011 John Adams Award Honorees

Robert V. Eye • Pedro L. Irigonegaray
Randal G. Mathis • Caroline N. Mitchell

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5/27/11 - MILITARY.COM - 'Good News' Academy Survey Sparking Fraud Claim

5/16/2011 - HUFFINGTON POST - The 'Gamble Report' - A Defeat
for Mikey Weinstein and His Forces of Satan?

5/13/2011 - ABC NEWS and NEW YORK TIMES - Army Investigation
Over False Accusations Ruined Our Lives, Say Muslim Soldiers

5/9/2011 - TRUTHOUT.ORG - Washington Times Editorial Staff
Under a Spell of Boundless Constitutional Ignorance and an Endless Void of Integrity

5/3/2011 - HUFFINGTON POST - We're Not at War with Islam,
But Let's Do Everything We Can to Make it Look Like We Are

4/27/2011 - CS INDY - No problem with religion at AFA, retired general says

4/27/2011 - CS INDY - Service dog belonging to MRFF's only
publicly-revealed client at the US Air Force Academy is poisoned

4/19/2011 - CS INDY - Painting hits a nerve for Air Force Academy grads

4/14/2011 - GOD DISCUSSION - US Court of Appeals Side-Steps
Meat of the Constitutional Challenge to the National Day of Prayer

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MRFF's Inbox

"The Reason I Protect Freedom is the Same
Reason I Support MRFF: Choice"

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the first firefight I ever experienced in Afghanistan. [...] I remember the feeling of RPGs detonating against the Hesco barriers; their shriek and thud as the concussion rippled through my guts as I death-gripped the trigger of my M4 and fired on the silhouettes 50 meters away.

In Afghanistan, there was only Islam. Disregard freedom of speech and any open-minded thought and discussion. Even more than the Afghans, I resented what I witnessed the Christian faith become. They both had become almost mirror images of each other, both boasting the same threats "CONVERT OR BURN IN HELL!" "MY GOD IS SUPREME! ONE NATION UNDER (INSERT DEITY HERE)! NOW BELIEVE OR ANSWER TO SATAN!" Both concepts disgusted me; to the core...

"Even If They Are An Admiral in the
United States Navy Like Me"

I've been a stealth MRFF fan ever since I was awestruck as to how the MRFF courageously stood up very publicly to the then Superintendent of my alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy.

A few days ago, an acquantance who is a senior ranking, active duty U.S. Army officer called me shortly after listening to Mr. Weinstein speak at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He told me that Mr. Weinstein very forcefully, effectively and colorfully (is there any other way for him?) made his and the MRFF's case in front of that initially skeptical audience of several hundred people. He asked me if I thought that Mr. Weinstein's message was "for real"? [...] I asked him if he'd ever reviewed the MRFF website. He told me that he had not and I suggested that he do so. [...] it was that telephone exchange that prompted me to finally call Mr. Weinstein and, for the first time, offer my personal thanks for what ONLY he and the MRFF organization provide for our armed forces members...

"An Evolution From Cynicism to Sadness to
Utter Outrage and Disgust"

When you and your courageous sons and daughter-in-law came forward a few years ago, I finally realized the seriousness. I read all about it in your book, "With God on Our Side" and this only reinforced my outrage as I had personally observed and endured many of the same terrible things your sons and daughter-in-law experienced.

I chose not to go into one of the supposed confidential sessions with General Gamble's team a few weeks ago simply because I had no confidence in the anonymity, and I also thought any observation I made would not be taken seriously. I think this was all an insincere initiative by the senior leadership to pretend they care about the problem which only makes the very real fundamentalist Christian oppression problems here only that much worse.

"Way to go Mikey, you go after them."

"Please forward to Dave Mullin USAF Academy"

"S.T.O.P. M.R.F.F."

"mikey the kikey"

"Defending The Faith"

"Request for Help From MRFF"

"Comment on presentation at War College"

"from usafa '79 grad"

"Stop Lying!"

"Thank you~speech at Boston College"

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