September 2011          

Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Mikey WeinsteinGreetings MRFF Supporters!

As Fall 2011 approaches, we at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation must reflect on our stellar achievements over this past Summer. Not only have we managed to shed a heretofore unseen revealing light on the dark practices of Christian extremist infiltrators within the commanding ranks of the US military, but we have also earned recognition for our hard-fought efforts to put an end to the fundamentalist religious indoctrination which sadly has become par for the course within the prestigious institutes of higher learning within the United States armed forces.

MRFF singlehandedly spearheaded the fight to expose the abhorrent fundamentalist Christian-militarist travesty known as the "Jesus Loves Nukes Speech", and the repercussions of this exposure have led to a sea change in the perception of the American people towards such anti-Constitutional practices. Shortly after our exposure of the "Jesus Nukes" aberration, brave Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps personnel (including both instructors and cadets) blew the whistle on the usage of New Testament verses and images of Saints within ROTC training materials.

This sequence of events led to an unprecedented order by the head of Air Education and Training Command, General Edward Rice, which stipulated that the Air Force review all training materials "related to ethics, core values, and character development". In short, the efforts of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have put a partial halt to the fundamentalist Christian brainwashing of our valiant Airmen. Make no mistake, though, our battle against these religious extremists is far from complete.

It is the pristine sense of patriotism and pride regarding the sacred values embodied by our nation's founding documents which compels members of our nation's armed forces to step forward and put their careers on the line for the sake of preventing the world's most technologically lethal organization from falling into the hands of those under the spell of religious extremism. The United States Constitution, the foundation of our democratic freedoms and our shield against tyranny, was drafted 224 years ago in the month of September. In honor of this sacrosanct text which holds aloft the principle of the separation of church and state please consider joining the Constitution Society, an organization which collects monthly recurring donations for the sake of forming a stable line of defense safeguarding the Constitution of the United States of America. We've almost reached our goal of 224 Constitution Society supporters, and your assistance in reaching this goal would be a great service to religious freedom in the US military!

Tangible progress in our fight does not come from thin air, nor from the persistent efforts of a handful of people alone; it is the outcome of the broad support which we've received and, with your assistance, will continue to receive. While the war chests of our adversaries are bursting at their seams, allowing them to take a Christian Fundamentalist message into the near-term Presidental and Congressional election-cycles, we at MRFF operate on a humble budget which barely sustains our operational capacity in regards to protecting the anonymity of whistle-blowers, providing pro-bono legal assistance and a vast array of general MRFF client support services for victims of coercive proselytization and sectarian hazing, and persistently undertaking the media outreach which has become a part of our daily itinerary. Spiritual molding, crusader indoctrination, and coercive fundamentalist Christian proselytization within the armed forces must be put to a halt, but this requires that we ALL do our part. Please make a fully tax-deductible donation today -- your gracious contribution will go a long way in ensuring that our service members' rights are protected so that they may protect our rights.


Your Eternal Ally,


MRFF Featured News
September 2011


Air Force Reviewing all Ethics Training

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"The Air Force suspended an ethics course for new nuclear missile officers July 27; three weeks later, an ROTC instructor, offended by the content of a leadership course, forwarded a presentation to the watchdog group MRFF. The foundation sent the
slide show to Air Force Times."

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How Much Money Could the Department of Defense
Save if it Stopped Trying to Save Souls?

By MRFF Senior Research Director Chris Rodda

Thursday, August 18, 2011

About a year ago, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) began an investigation into just how much money the DoD spends on promoting religion to military personnel and their families... What we've found so far is astounding.

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"I'm Done With Him"

IGNORED: Air Force Academy Apparently Blows Off Complaints

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Leaders at the Air Force Academy seem to think that dealing with some complaints about religious bias isn't worth their time. That's the most obvious takeaway from several of the 2,516 pages of documents, mostly e-mails, the academy recently turned over to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in response to a records request submitted last November."

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8/25/11 HUFFINGTON POST – A Spiritually Transformed Military with Ambassadors for Christ in Uniform

8/23/11 TRUTHDIG – A Peek at the Military’s Budget for Eternal Salvation

8/23/11 NEW AMERICAN – Air Force Reviewing All Ethics Courses for Christian Themes

8/16/11 LEWROCKWELL.COM – Nuke ’Em and God Will Bless You

8/16/11 HUFFINGTON POST – Hiroshima’s Lessons: The Air Force, Just War and Nuclear Weapons

8/14/11 DAILY BEAST – A Christian Plot for Domination?

8/12/11 SANTA MARIA SUN – Of Jesus, Nazis, and Nukes

8/12/11 KSBY – Ethics briefing suspended at Vandenberg after questions raised about separation of church and state

8/10/11 CNN - Air Force's use of Christian messages extends to ROTC

8/9/11 FORT BRAGG PATCH – Will Atheism-Themed Concert Rock the Fort?

8/9/11 THE TELEGRAPH (UK) – ‘Jesus loves nukes’: US Air Force taught the Christian Just War Theory


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"Jesus Speaks To evil Mickey"

A misguided attack on MRFF and responses from the MRFF Advisory Board and supporters

" RE: Colo. Spgs. Independent Story Just Out"
Warm words and shocking testimony from a recent former USAF Academy Professor and Graduate

"Separation of Church and State"
An exchange on America's founding principles

"I’m facing persistent harassment due to my Muslim Faith"

"a Christian who says, if your adgenda suceeds you will lose out"

"Class '76 - 35th Reunion Update"

"Tell Mr. Weinstein"


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