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Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Mikey WeinsteinValued MRFF supporters,

Those of you who have been paying attention know that we at MRFF view the question of Constitutionally-mandated religious freedom for our service members as absolutely sacrosanct, bedrock guarantees which cannot be transgressed at the will of those who subscribe to one faith or another. It is not a question of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, et al., despite the fact that the overwhelmingly vast majority of our foes happen to be evangelical Christian fundamentalists. No, it is a question of respect, duty, and fidelity towards the most basic democratic guarantees which countless service members have fought and died for.

Thus, it came as a shock -- and we don't shock easily -- when incontrovertible evidence emerged that a course at the United States Joint Forces Staff College was indoctrinating officers with a bigoted and inciteful poison offering a dehumanized, grossly racist view of those over one and a half billion members of one of the world's largest religions, i.e. the Muslim faith. Worse yet, almost inconceivably, the course material constitutes an abject, open call for "total war" on civilian Muslim populations, property, and infrastructure in the vein of the firebombings of Tokyo and Dresden, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey stated that the disgusting Islam course's curriculum was "counter to our values of appreciation for religious freedom and cultural awareness." If this is the case, Gen. Dempsey, then why is Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, the man who introduced this vile curriculum, simply being suspended? Why is this outrage NOT being faced by an aggressive investigation? Surely the felonious, treacherous crime of betraying the pristine Constitutional values towards which all members of the U.S. military have sworn an oath must be met by an earnest, resolute prosecution by courts martial.

This mind-blowing course material was fabricated, of course, by the same nefarious forces that we have consistently been up against since MRFF was formed back in 2005. Who are these forces? The usual suspects: An amalgamation of "New Right" neoconservatives and Christian fundamentalists, phony "ex-Muslim terrorist" clowns imported from the Arab world, and high-ranking officials at the Pentagon who have fallen under the spell of feverish "End Times" eschatological fantasies. Of course, in their sick minds "the right types of Christians" are expected to welcome these nuclear warhead tipped "blessings" with open arms, and they are more than willing to provide this "divine service" of nuclear winter for the rest of us, too.

Of course, MRFF exists to prevent the above-described nightmare scenarios from unfolding. Our solemn duty to protect those who may fall victim to a weaponized, belligerent, fundamentalist gospel does not extend to servicemen and women alone; Indeed, we view it as a cause for concern for all people across the globe. Yet the war chests of the forces ranged against us continue to overflow, and we still manage to frustrate their agenda on a daily basis with a shoe-string budget. However, we desperately need your generous donations NOW to prevent us from being stretched too thin. In a nuclear crusade there can be no winners, and this is just one of many dangers which MRFF consistently works to prevent.

Your Eternal Ally,

Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein
Founder & President
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

P.S. You'll be quite pleased to know that I was recently offered and have gratefully accepted the opportunity to publish a NEW ongoing column on AlterNet's Speakeasy. Subscribe, read, share, and discuss!


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May 2012

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Mikey is the undisputed leader of the national movement to restore the obliterated wall separating church and state in the most technologically lethal organization ever created by humankind: the United States armed forces. Mikey works around the clock writing, appearing on television and radio, and advocating on behalf of victims of unsolicited, aggressive proselytization within all branches of the armed services.

A born fighter from a multi-generational military family, he has been described by Harper's magazine as "the constitutional conscience of the U.S. military, a man determined to force accountability." Mikey Weinstein is an honor graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He previously served as White House Counsel in the Reagan administration and general counsel to H. Ross Perot and Perot Systems Corp. In 2011 he was named "Person of the Year", a first-time honor given by Americans United. He is the author of the recently released book No Snowflake in an Avalanche: The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Its Battle to Defend the Constitution and One Family's Courageous War Against Religious Extremism in High Places (2012, Vireo).

Since its inception in 2005, the MRFF has been battling a growing trend of religious extremism, whose fundamentalist Christian militancy is ingrained with a virulent hostility to the core democratic rights afforded to all Americans - especially our service members. MRFF has been combating nothing less than the relentless stripping-away of the very freedoms that these brave men and women have pledged to defend and secure at all costs. Despite our years of service, the systemic and well-funded assault against our service members' civil rights continues to attain 'biblical' proportions.

MRFF has a long and proud list of achievements in the fight against religious extremist subversion, agitation, and coercion within the armed forces. As a four-time Nobel Peace Prize-nominated organization, with well over 27,000 victim-clients having reached out to MRFF as a direct result of this deplorable environment, your support has enabled us to stand firm as a stable and trusted resource for those with no other recourse.

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Abu Ghraib and Hiroshima by PowerPoint and Lectern

by Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • A grossly exaggerated and noxious brand of faux-patriotism has had the United States in its grips since at least September 11, 2001. The nefarious engine of this jingoistic phenomenon is uber-patriotic, religion-infused exceptionalism. Nowhere is this unconstitutional sickness clearer than on the grounds of the once-prestigious institutes of higher learning under the command of the United States Department of Defense.
  • Indeed, by PowerPoint and by lectern, the future leaders of the U.S. military are being inculcated in a deranged martial spirit which sees the nuclear bombing of civilian populations as not only justified, but consecrated by a grotesquely distorted, weaponized version of Jesus Christ.
  • The course materials truly depict a sinister picture. An anonymous whistle-blowing soldier, who provided one of the two presentations to Al Jazeera, truthfully remarked that it was the work of "this bigoted conspiracy cabal [which] is both disgusting and so deeply un-American." What comprises this bigoted conspiracy cabal? An unholy alliance of fundamentalist evangelicals, neoconservatives, and sectarian bigots imported from the Middle East.
  • Throughout the media, blogosphere, and security conference circuits these figures buttress one another’s narratives, cover each other’s flanks, and add pieces of fabric to a carefully woven patchwork quilt depicting a vast Islamic plot of violent insurgency and overthrow. And so, as details emerge in this "Bigoted conspiracy cabal," the plot of unadulterated shame grows thicker still.

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Fighting Religious Tyranny in the U.S. Military:
Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Monday, April 23, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Every once in a while you come into contact with someone with a special something. Sometimes it’s a unique talent, perhaps in one of the arts. Sometimes its a gift for writing or speaking. Whatever it is, when it is on display, it sets them apart – it makes them memorable and oftentimes admirable. This week I came into contact with such a person. His name is Mikey Weinstein.
  • For a half hour, during a telephone interview conducted on a whim, I sat transfixed as I listened to Weinstein explain why he refuses to be a snowflake in an avalanche – a metaphor he used to describe what he sees as a pervasive disregard of the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights of United States armed forces personnel and veterans by their command. He lays out a well crafted detailed explanation of this claim in his book, No Snowflake In An Avalanche – a book I read over the weekend and one that I highly recommend.
  • Says Weinstein, "With regard to the arc of justice in my life, I started out at point A where I made a commitment that wherever I saw anti-semitism I’d stamp it out. Now I’m at point B, when I see unconstitutional religious persecution of any stripe, I don’t care if I live or die, I’m not going to stand by and let it happen."

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Weinstein: State ruling has big implications for AFA

Monday, May 14, 2012

  • It only happened days ago, but the Colorado Court of Appeals’ decision to throw out Colorado’s Day of Prayer on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional, is already having an unexpected impact.
  • Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, says the ruling means that the U.S. Air Force Academy should cancel its Annual Prayer Breakfast and related events to comply with the ruling. While federal institutions don’t normally need to comply with state laws in this way, Weinstein says the AFA should have to, because the military school already stated that it was following state law when it forbade same-sex couples from marrying on campus. (See "Wedding Bell Blues.")
  • Same-sex marriage is illegal in Colorado. Under a directive of the Department of Defense, same-sex marriages are only allowed on military campuses in states where the ceremonies are legal.
  • But if the AFA is following state law when it forbids same-sex ceremonies, Weinstein reasons, than it should also follow the state’s lead in canceling government-sponsored religious events. Alternately, Weinstein says, the AFA could simply revert its position and reassert its right to operate outside of state law, by allowing same-sex marriages on the campus.

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Outrage, calls for action over anti-Muslim materials in military training

Friday, May 11, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Emerging details of inflammatory anti-Islam materials used in U.S. military training have prompted a chorus of outrage from civil rights and American Muslim groups, and growing demands for the dismissal of military leaders associated with the course, and for other actions to address the issue.
  • "This is Abu Ghraib by power point and lectern," said Mikey Weinstein, president of the nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), referring to the scandal that erupted in 2004 after the surfacing of torrid pictures of U.S. troops abusing prisoners in Iraq. "It’s even worse than Abu Ghraib. What they are talking about is essentially genocide," of Muslims.
  • MRFF has filed request under the Freedom of Information Act seeking to surface all communication and documentation about the Perspectives course. Weinstein, a former Air Force judge advocate general, or JAG, and lawyer in the Reagan White House, believes the course is merely a symptom of a larger problem. In recent years he has campaigned against the military’s invitation of speakers that are known for virulent anti-Islam views."This is simply a small cancer cell that is rapidly metastasizing," he said. "This is representative of a larger more sinister force which is fundamentalist Christianity."

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The Currency of Words, or the Coin of the Realm?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • On Tuesday, April 24th, 2012, the nation’s top soldier, Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) General Martin Dempsey, initiated a truly seminal message. He finally generated the long-overdue, mandatory edict that all training and educational materials throughout the U.S. military must be immediately reviewed within one month’s time to ensure that no anti-Muslim or anti-Islam references or content remain. Henceforth, officers and enlisted members will no longer be taught and institutionally indoctrinated that "the United States is at war with Islam and we ought to just recognize that."
  • The long-overdue review of the appalling Islamophobic materials used to train our servicemen and servicewomen is a classic case of the proverbial closing of the barn door long after the farm animals have left. President Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 starkly illustrated this fact. The ink had barely dried on the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by himself and Afghan President Hamid Karzai before car bombs and gunfire rattled Kabul in a daring Taliban attack centered on the high-security Green Village compound.
  • In hindsight, the Department of Defense-sanctioned anti-Muslim training programs have proven to be a quintessentially formidable propaganda asset in the Taliban fight against the "Crusading" NATO forces. Indeed, they provide grist for the mill of regional resentment and strain alliances to a breaking point.

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The United States Military ... a Crusader Force?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • We know that the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and other mujahideen feel that they are involved in a holy war. Do U.S. military personnel also see themselves in this role?
  • Countless armed forces members have reached out to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to express their dire concern regarding the proliferation of literature, imagery, insignia, and much more which indicates that, indeed, some do see themselves as the Christian extremist counterparts of their Islamic fundamentalist, Salafi-Jihadist foes. This extremely dangerous Islamophobia, inextricably intertwined into the very fabric of the US armed forces, has reached such a dire level of toxicity that it caused America’s highest-ranking soldier to actually DO something about it just last week.
  • Case in point: the recent decision to rename Beaufort, South Carolina-based Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122) the "Crusaders" and adopt the red cross of the crusading medieval Knights Templar.
  • A phrase which literally means "taking up the cross," Crusader recalls a history of colonization and campaigns of conquest and plunder spearheaded by European Christian military orders. Spanning three centuries and starting in the year 1096, the crusades viciously claimed the lives of millions of inhabitants of the Middle East. While motivated by the secular incentives of lucre and mammon, the Crusades serve as a hideous testament to the noxious danger embodied by the foreboding alloy of weaponized theology.
  • Meanwhile, regarding "current" history, that very same red crusader cross was heavily utilized in the video "manifesto" of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who claims to have carried out his gruesome attacks for the sake of advancing a "crusade" against multiculturalism and European Muslims. Breivik, who is currently on the dock for his gruesome attacks that claimed the lives of 77 people, has spoken of allegiance to a network called the "Knights Templar" and has stated that he aspires to a "crusader mentality."

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When Issuing Imprecatory Death Prayers, Does Spelling Count?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selected Article Excerpt:

  • It seems that I cannot say this often enough – I am not anti-religion nor anti-Christian, but I am completely and totally anti-extremism. One of the latest hatemails that we received at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation illustrates the type of person I am referring to when I talk about political Christians aka members of the bible-based cult of Christian Dominionism... (continued, click to learn more)

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MAJOR MRFF VICTORY UPDATE: MRFF Files FOIA Request After Winning Air Force Removal of Evangelizing Attempts Embedded in Training Material

MRFF demands immediate and comprehensive review of unconstitutional SOS program materials, review process; hollow and diversionary
Air Force response provokes Freedom of Information Act request filed
by international law firm JONES DAY

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Review: No Snowflake in an Avalanche – Mikey Weinstein

Click here to learn more about NO SNOWFLAKE IN AN AVALANCHE

"And while some may object to Mikey Weinstein’s flamboyant and provocative style, the reality is that no one much cared about these issues, even civil libertarian groups like the ACLU, until he started rocking the boat. No Snowflake in an Avalanche tells the story of how it all happened. "

Click to read full review


5/16/12 INFORMED COMMENT (JUAN COLE) – Top Ten Ways the US Military can Avoid Teaching Hatred of Muslims

5/14/12 ASIA TIMES ONLINE – Fundamentalism at the US’s corps

5/11/12 NORTH COUNTY TIMES – MILITARY: Ethics ‘stand-down’ coming to Camp Pendleton

4/27/12 CARE2 CAUSES – Who’s Praying For Their Enemies to Get Breast Cancer?

4/20/12 MRFF Press Release – Women’s Prayer Group: "Give Them Breast Cancer, In JESUS’ Name!"

4/20/12 THE BEAUFORT GAZETTE – Civil rights group objects to Beaufort squadron’s name change


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Our Foundational Principles

Dear [MRFF]:

Islam and US are not at war, except in the minds of ignorant people. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are parts of the Abrahamic Message of Peace and Tolerance. In the US constitution, the separation of church and state is a foundational principle. In my opinion, the Founding Fathers were wise enough to put this in the Constitution, in order to safe-guard US from fanatics and bigots (who believe in the righteousness of their faith with the exclusion of all others). I, as a US Citizen took Oath to Protect and Guard this Principle. As a Muslim in America, I practice my Faith in which my Oaths are sacrosanct in Sight of God. Therefore, my loyalty and my life is dedicated to serving my adopted homeland. Its safety and security is my sacred duty. So, the minuscule amount of bigotry, which is present in all nations will not deter me from standing up for America and its principles, in all places including my nation of birth, Pakistan. That is why, I have made it my mission to show the true face of America to the Muslim world. A face of justice, equality, liberty, embedded in a core of compassion for all humanity. Our true self comes out in times of stress, like the time a little girl was stuck in a drilling shaft in the south. It takes time for American goodness to shine through the curtain of fanaticism, however, I believe, "we shall overcome..." America is represented by characters like Atticus Finch of "To kill a Mocking Bird," NOT, Rev.Jones of Florida. I came to America in 1960. I had $70, a suitcase, and a head full of dreams. I worked hard and America rewarded me. I have an A.B., a B.S., two Masters and a Ph.D. and a diploma from MIT. I gave back to America, a Physician, a Surgeon, and a Lawyer, my sons, Dr. (name withheld), Dr. (name withheld), and (name withheld), J.D. We are the silent majority of Muslim Americans. We serve and do not complain. But, when people like yourself and your institution stand-up for us we say, "Thank you," from the depths of our hearts.

Thanks for standing-up for me.

With Deep Regards,

(Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of a large Pharmaceuticals firm based in the US, name withheld)

We Pray Christ Jesus to stop You

Mickey Wienstien, we called you on the weekend to advice you that our womens prayer circle at our church will be ending your wickedness against Christ Jesus and his anointed of the USA in our military. In America which is Jesus’ country we can pray all we want for anything we want. you hung up on us and were rude to our leader. but will that stop us or Christ Jesus? No it will not and never could have, wicked Mickey. Our prayer circle has never failed to acheive our hosts granting of the scripture we pray. for direct intervention against you as you are a true demon to America. Luke 9:1 We will not stop our prayers until you stop the evil you do with Lucifer on a daly basis. Luke 9:1 But not against you Mickey. We know by your internet site and your book who it is to be. Now for our prayer, we pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe cured. We pray this for Leah Bruton, and Becki Miller, Patricia Corigan, Chris Rodda, Edie Disler, Vicky Garrison, Kristin Leslie, Melinda Moeton and Joan Slish. And you evil clan too, we pray this for Bonnie Wiensten and Amanda and Amber Wienstein and the woman lawyers Cariline Mitchel and Katherin Ritchy and all women of all who work at with for Military Freedom Against Religon Foundation. know that we pray and pray hard all the days until you stop your destruction of our American army and accept Christ Jesus as Lord and join His army.

(no names or locations provided)

Muslims C**

Dear Mikey,


(name withheld)

A response from MRFF Advisory Board Member,
human rights activist, and acclaimed actor Mike Farrell

Dear Sir,

I address you as "sir," and I use the term loosely, because no woman would so debase herself as to write a screed like this one that spilled out of your apparently disturbed brain. As a member of the advisory board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I see a lot of the swill that is heaped onto the very capable shoulders of Mr. Weinstein, and I think your message ranks right down there with the most vile of them. I assume that thrills you, as you apparently aspire to a level of self-degradation that will rival that of history’s dimmest and most quickly and completely forgotten. But before you complete your journey to utter insignificance, I, as an ex-Marine, would be most interested in knowing just what it is you believe you have to teach about "how to be an American."

If your offer is meant to include those of us who support this work, I’ll be most happy to have you contact me. I can be reached through the MRFF.

Mike Farrell

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