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After MRFF's swift victory last week
demonstrating progress within the
Air Force, the extreme pro-Christian Fundamentalist press has reignited
its frothing campaign of
willfully ignorant coverage


Pentagon Denies Relationship with Anti-Christian Extremist; Instantly Complies with
His Demands

by Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski, a "senior fellow for religious liberty" at the Family Research Council, a repugnantly hateful and homophobic anti-gay Christian extremist organization dubbed a "Hate Group"
by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • One month ago the Pentagon assured the public it was not being advised by anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein. Yet two days ago Weinstein called the Pentagon demanding that a Christian painting be removed from a dining hall in an Idaho Air Force base, and the Pentagon complied with his demand–in less than one hour.

    On Apr. 28, Breitbart News reported that Pentagon brass met with Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation. That was shortly after Weinstein published an article in which he called observant Christians "fundamentalist monsters" who seek to impose "a rapacious reign of theocratic terror" in the military through their "putrid theology."

  • Mikey Weinstein has been meeting with top Pentagon officials during the Obama administration since 2009. He continues to communicate with them at will, and they immediately respond to his demands. He is therefore an unpaid advisor to the Obama-Hagel Pentagon, with considerable influence.
    Not only that, but it's been more than two weeks since roughly 100 congressmen demanded answers from Hagel, but have not heard a word in response. Yet this anti-Christian extremist brags about how the Pentagon leaps into action when he makes a demand, removing Christian artwork in less than an hour.
    Lawmakers are likely to intensify their efforts to find out what's going on here, and what they can do to stop this assault on Christians in the military.

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Artist Accuses Air Force of Censoring Christian Art

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • The artist whose inspirational painting was removed from an Air Force dining hall because it violated military standards is accusing the Pentagon of censoring Christian art.
  • "On its face, this seems like nothing short of a clear anti-Christian agenda," said Grant DiCianni, president of Tapestry Productions. His father, Ron, painted the artwork.

    "It appears that the Air Force and the Pentagon have undertaken a dangerous war to rid the military of anything that points to Christ and that needs to be brought to light," DiCianni said.

    The painting, titled "Blessed are the Peacemakers," had been installed in a dining hall at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

    The print was part of a collection created in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks — to honor the heroes of that day.
  • It features a modern-day police officer standing in front of a medieval knight. The flag held in the hand of the knight morphs from a medieval coat of arms into the flag of the United States. The word ‘integrity' is stenciled over the image. The Bible verse referenced is Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be named sons of God."
  • The painting was removed less than one hour after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation alerted the Pentagon. They called the painting "repugnant" and an "overt display of Christian nationalism."

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Air Force Removes "Inspirational" Painting

Friday, May 31, 2013

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • An inspirational painting that referenced a Bible verse has been removed from a dining hall at Mountain Home Air Force Base after an anti-religion group filed a complaint, Fox News has learned. The painting featured a medieval crusader and referenced Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."
    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation called the painting "repugnant" and an "overt display of Christian nationalism."
  • The Military Religious Freedom Foundation touted Weinstein's influence within the military in a column titled "The Pentagon Most Certainly Is Listening to Mikey Weinstein."Chris Rodda, senior research director for the MRFF wrote that the wing commander told Weinstein "that he will be ordering another inspection to rid his base of anything else like what had been hanging in the dining hall."Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.), vice president of the Family Research Council, told Fox News the removal of the picture raises serious questions about Weinstein's influence within the military.
    "This is clearly more evidence of anti-Christian activity in the military," Boykin told Fox News.
  • But Boykin's said the Pentagon's handling of the Air Force base portrait demonstrates Weinstein does in fact wield power within the military.
    "There is a foundation of truth in what he told the Washington Post," Boykin said. "He has influence. He clearly has influence within the Air Force."Boykin said this latest incident also raises serious questions about Pentagon attitudes towards religious liberty.
    "We've gotten so many conflicting statements from the Pentagon," he said. "It's leading me to wonder what the truth is – not only about the DoD policy – but what is their relationship with Mikey Weinstein and how much influence does he have?"

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Pentagon's Censorship of 9/11 Hero Painting Latest Incident of Religious Hostility

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • WASHINGTON, June 4, 2013 -- General Jerry Boykin, Family Research Council's executive vice president, expressed serious concerns today after learning that the Pentagon had ordered the removal of a 9/11 hero painting from Mountain Home Air Force Base in response to a complaint from anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein.
  • Gen. Boykin released the following statement about the incident:

    "We are deeply disturbed that the Pentagon continues to comply with the demands of anti-Christian activists while neglecting to even respond to the concerns expressed by service members, and Members of Congress who simply want to protect the right to share one's faith.

    "Last April, anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein demanded that the military, and specifically the Air Force, punish service members who don't comply with his view of religious speech. Hundreds of thousands of Americans signed petitions and Members of Congress sent two letters to Secretary Hagel demanding answers. The Pentagon has issued a series of confusing public statements including one from the Air Force that said service members are allowed to share their faith 'as long as it does not make others uncomfortable.'

    "The Pentagon's response within 56 minutes to this censorship demand makes it abundantly clear that the Air Force's 'uncomfortable' standard has been defined to require the censorship of any vestige of Christianity. Even a small Scripture reference on a painting honoring our 9/11 heroes can't escape the reach of religious censors.

    "Active duty service members tell me that the Pentagon's religious censorship is having an undeniable chilling effect. Congress should continue to demand answers and action until a DOD wide policy is enacted that will allow service members to freely practice their faith," concluded Boykin.

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MRFF's Inbox

We receive an enormous amount of emails at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, both from our supporters and detractors. "MRFF's Inbox" allows us to share this correspondence with you:

your family and friends will burn first. then you

Dear Mikey,

Bought your ‘No Snowflake book’. Right after Fox news reported that Ayatollah Hussein Obama appointed (should we say ‘annointed’?) you to persecute loving Christians in our U.S. armed forces. Burned that book right after reading it all. Spirit of Satan on every single page. Saw how you brought your fellow evildoers Joseph Wilson and Lawrence Wilkerson to your pentagon meeting. Our church is near a large Army base. Our church had a faith retreat this weekend. Many military families among us. You were the main topic. You are a very dangerous man to America, Michael Wienstein. You grow more dangerous every day. Especially to Jesus Christ. We have agreed that you are irredeemable. Now your forcing Christian paintings to be taken down on military bases. The pentagon is very afraid of you even. Of course that is Hussein Obama’s plan. Because if they stand up to you you will sick our Muslim president on them. You have this demonic power of darkness in abundance. Saw the pictures of you and your family in the book. Too bad for you. And worse for them. We prayed at the retreat this weekend that they will surely burn for all time. In the unquechable fires of hell. For your willing sins. John 3:36. Mark 9:43. We prayed that Wilson and Wilkerson will also burn in hell for your sins, Michael Weinstien. We prayed that you will be the last to burn. So that you may first experience the divine eternal suffering of your wife, children and Wilson and Wilkerson. Our Lord and Savior has promised us this. That He will make our prayers for you to witness those you love and care for suffer come true. It is already written. 1 John 5:14-15. Your time draws near. You think all is peaceful and secure for yourself and those you harbor. But there is no escape. 1 Thessaloninas 5:3. You will watch them all burn in chains forged by the Son of Man. And then you will burn, son of satan

(name withheld)


Re: Outrageous Christian Proselytizing at
USAFA Officer Commissioning Ceremony

Dear Mikey,

I am a USAFA faculty member with over 20 years of service. During that time, I have attended countless commissioning ceremonies at both service academies and ROTC detachments across the country. During that time, I have never witnessed such an outrageous and disgusting display of the breach of the wall of separation between church and state as I did on Tuesday evening at an official USAFA commissioning ceremony for Cadet Squadron 13. At the conclusion of an otherwise beautiful ceremony honoring the accomplishments of over 20 outstanding cadets, including one of my advisees, the Academy trotted out a crusty old dinosaur, Lt. Gen. (USAF-Ret., thankfully) Fain, USAFA Class of 1963, ostensibly to provide the cadets with a gift from the Association of Graduates but in reality to infect the new Second Lieutenants with some toxic advice that, if followed, will no doubt contribute further to the erosion of good order and discipline within our Air Force. After advising the cadets to "kiss your wives every night," a shocking insensitivity considering that three of the twenty-three graduates were women, (unless he was expressing his advocacy of same-sex marriage, but only for them and not the males,) he further reminded the cadets that the oath they had just taken obligated them to defend the Constitution against all enemies, "foreign and domestic," and followed that with an editorial comment that, in the future, those enemies will be far more likely to be domestic. If he is referring to the Christian dominionists whose daily assaults on the Constitution are allowed to continue unchecked by our senior leadership, then I would have to agree. But, by far, the most egregious, disgusting and offensive statement was the suggestion that the graduates should "help return this country to the Christian values it was founded on," a perverted interpretation of both our nation's history and current events and, in reality, an appeal to lend support to the ongoing assault on our democratic values and the attempt to replace them with a Christian theocracy. That a retired officer with a distinguished career in both the military and the private sector holds these views is disturbing enough, but the fact that he felt an official commissioning ceremony was an appropriate venue to air those views, and that the Academy leadership permitted him to do so without comment or correction is a demoralizing statement on just how far our Academy, our service and our nation have fallen under the sway of those who would destroy the democratic values our founding fathers established and that we have ALL sworn an oath to protect and defend. Such repeated and egregious insults further convince me that we have "lost the bubble" on both religious diversity and simple respect for human dignity and, honestly, make me wonder why I continue to work so hard to produce educated and responsible officers for our Air Force when my efforts being undermined by careless at best and malicious at worst actions by others across our Academy.

(USAF Academy Professor's name, title, rank, Academy Faculty Department and all related academic credentials withheld)


I'd like to thank you, the MRFF, and the faculty member that sent the e-mail [above] for bringing the incident to our attention. I can assure you that the Academy leadership is taking the incident very seriously. As a matter of fact, I just spoke with the Vice Dean of the Faculty about it and he said that as a result of this e-mail and other complaints received that the Vice Commandant (for climate and culture) is meeting soon with the Association of Graduates (AOG) to find out what sort of pre-brief/prep the 50-year-class commissioning ceremony speakers and representatives are given prior to showing up and (in some cases) speaking at these events. Whatever the answer from the AOG, that training will either be created or (if it exists) modified so that what happened below doesn't happen again. (Of course, it may happen again, but it will be distinctly against instructions from the AOG and therefore some other action can be taken like barring that individual from future events).

As you know, though, the longer term question of how we make real strides to improve the environment for all at USAFA, though, depends upon the use of the chain-of-command to resolve these issues. As a favor to me, please pass the message above to the complainant faculty member. I strongly recommend that they first attempt to resolve issues like this through their chain-of-command. If they don't feel like they can do this for whatever reason, then I'm available if that faculty member or others would like to talk–you know I'll do what I can to resolve the problem.

(Senior USAFA Official's name, rank, title, USAFA unit and dept. withheld)

Thanks--that's all I was hoping for by bringing this up. You can also pass along that if I had a shred of faith that my chain of command would take these concerns seriously and not use them to further ostracize the "whistle-blowers," then I would happily use it. Unfortunately, past events suggest that this is not the case. In fact, I don't even fill out climate surveys anymore because of anecdotal evidence that my immediate supervisor has attempted to identify faculty who left negative comments. Thank God we have the MRFF!

(USAF Academy Professor's name, title, rank, Academy Faculty Department and all related academic credentials withheld)

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