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MRFF Statement on Today’s
Supreme Court Ruling

Monday, May 5, 2014

Today’s Supreme Court ruling
is a Tremendous Tragedy for
religious freedom in America, particularly for our
U.S. Service members.

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous tragedy for religious freedom in America, particularly for our U.S. Service members.

    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) resolutely agrees with Justice Kagan when she says,

    “No one can fairly read the prayers from Greece’s town meetings as anything other than explicitly christian-constantly and exclusively so.”

    “The prayers betray no understanding that the American community is today, as it long has been, a rich mosaic of religious faiths...


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Janice Hahn Walks Out Of Event After James Dobson Calls Obama The 'Abortion President'

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Rep. Janice Hahn (D-Calif.) walked out of the National Day of Prayer event at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, saying she was "outraged" after James Dobson, founder of the conservative Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family, called President Barack Obama the “abortion president.”

    “President Obama, before he was elected, made it very clear that he wanted to be the abortion president. He didn’t make any bones about it," Dobson, whose organization recently won a temporary injunction against the Affordable Care Act’s employer contraception mandate, said on Thursday. "This is something that he really was going to promote and support, and he has done that, and in a sense he is the abortion president."

    In an interview with The Huffington Post on Thursday, Hahn called the speech deeply "inappropriate" and a violation of the event's symbol as a nonpartisan day of unity.

  • The event, sponsored by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), was organized by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a conservative evangelical Christian non-profit, whose chairwoman is James Dobson's wife, Shirley Dobson.

    In April, task force vice chairman John Bornschein defended the event against criticism that it was promoting evangelical beliefs, describing the day as a nonsectarian gathering.

    "This is not about proselytizing," Bornschein said in April. "This is purely about prayer and praying for our leadership and asking for God's wisdom and blessing over our leaders."

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Janice Hahn Walks Out Of Event After James Dobson Calls Obama The 'Abortion President'

Friday, May 2, 2014

On April 24th Fox News aired a segment in which Megyn Kelly repeatedly referred to MRFF founder and President Mikey Weinstein as an atheist. In the aftermath, Mikey has taken the position that these statements constitute defamation of character. In response, some atheists have taken offense to the notion that being called an “atheist” constitutes defamation. As a rational person, I’m inclined to take an objective look at the situation and the related laws rather than jumping to conclusions about Mikey’s personal opinion of atheists.

The law defines defamation as a (1) published statement that is (2) false and (3) injurious to a person’s reputation.

Megyn Kelly’s statements were made on-air on April 24th. This constitutes a published statement (1).

I am an atheist. My friend Mikey Weinstein is not. Calling me an atheist would be a statement of fact. Calling Mikey Weinstein an atheist is false. This constitutes a false statement (2).

Finally, a person’s reputation depends upon the perception of the public, not upon their own personal beliefs. I know that Mikey Weinstein holds no personal prejudice or negative beliefs regarding atheists. But again, reputation is a matter of public opinion and the public at large holds extreme prejudices against atheists. Public polls have consistently shown that atheists are the most distrusted minority in the United States. The inescapable conclusion is that these statements constitute an injury to Mikey’s public reputation (3).

So we have established that Megyn Kelly’s on-air claim that Mikey is an atheist is both false and injurious to his reputation among a prejudiced American public. This constitutes the legal definition of defamation of character, specifically slander. The law does not require Mikey himself to consider atheism a negative trait. To take offense and accuse Mikey of maligning atheists is irrational and unbecoming of a demographic that prides itself on objectivity and reason.

MRFF is a non-profit charity dedicated to protecting the religious liberty and freedom of conscience of all service-members. Although 96% of MRFF’s clients are Christians, Mikey Weinstein has been an invaluable ally to the 2% of atheist clients who seek his help. On behalf of atheist clients like myself, MRFF has taken an uncompromising stance against coercive ceremonial prayers, religious bullying, and mandatory spiritual fitness training. MRFF is not an atheist organization, but an organization of multi-faith (and non-faith) allies who stand together to defend our service members against theocratic coercion of any kind.

These are our allies. Stand together or fall apart.

Dustin Chalker

MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor


Weinstein Takes on
FOX’s Megyn Kelly

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Selected Article Excerpt:

WASHINGTON (VR) – Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) found himself in the center of the story in a 6 minute FOX segment hosted by Megyn Kelly that examined the upcoming National Day of Prayer. The piece looked at the appropriateness of military presence at the event hosted by Dr. James Dobson and his wife (head of the not for profit group, Focus on the Family) and the protest lodged by the MRFF.

Weinstein, who claims he was never contacted by a producer on FOX to appear on the segment, claims that how Kelly categorized both him and his organization amounted to defamation. In particular, he rejected the repeated calls that he is himself atheist and that his organization is.

Click to watch video of the interview at
Radio Voice of Russia


Actually, calling Mikey Weinstein an atheist IS Defamation!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Recently there has been a media flurry surrounding Mikey Weinstein and theMilitary Religious Freedom Foundation. Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, along with James and Shirley Dobson went on a verbal assault of Mikey and MRFF.  Claiming that Mikey was an atheist (he’s not) and the MRFF was an atheist organization (it’s not) .

    They think Mikey is offended by being called an atheist! It isn’t offensive to be called an atheist. It isn’t offensive to be an atheist organization.

    MRFF has been so successful in the past few years that these Christo-fascist groups have formed a coalition called the Military Freedom Coalition. 

    On every US Military base throughout the world we are inundated with only ONE news source: Fox News. That’s it.

    We are a group of intellectuals and constitutionalists fighting against an ignorant horde of theocratic Christian supremacists who are brain-washed through sound bites. 


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Happy Holocaust Day (with MRFF Responses)

Mr. Weinstein,

What you do to persecute the faithful of Christ in our military today is far worse than anything the Nazis were ever accused of doing to your jewish people. The same jewish people who rejected His grace and love. The same jewish people who crucified Him. Without mercy. (And one of their own.) As you Mr. Weinstein continue to do every day...


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