Fighting for our servicemembers' rights, so they can fight for ours.


Songs celebrating the only
organization fighting for
church & state separation for all in
the United States military

Common Ground

Thomas Anderson wrote this song as an introduction
to Mikey Weinstein's speaking engagement
at Harvard University on March 22nd of 2015.
Mr. Weinstein was there at the invitation of
Harvard University to speak on the subject of
religious freedom in the military.

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RICK HART - Stone By Stone

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RICK HART - Protect the Soldiers

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These songs do a truly fantastic job of conveying MRFF's message. They were graciously donated to the
Military Religious Freedom Foundation by Rick Hart.

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CELIA - Build The Wall

MRFF's Songstress Celia performing the song
she composed, "Build The Wall," in support of
the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Celia performed the song live at
MRFF's Thomas Jefferson Awards

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