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SATURDAY, JULY 18th, 2009
David J. Scott
Major General (USAF - Ret.)

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Holocaust Survivor of
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau,
and Lódz Ghetto Writes Letter
Pleading for Support of MRFF

July 17, 2009

Dear national leaders and friends,

At the age of 80, my time on earth is limited and so I feel an urgent need to share what is in my heart about the frightening and historically similar conditions in today’s U.S. Military to those I had to live through during the Holocaust. These ominous trends were brought to my attention by Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).  I applaud Mikey’s tenacity and bravery in his efforts to expose the stealthy fundamentalist takeover attempt of our armed forces, a strategy all too reminiscent of what brought the end of my family’s life in pre-war Poland.  If there is one gift I can hope to leave my three daughters and five grandchildren, it is that their father and grandfather, in joining forces with MRFF, did his part in standing up to this clear and present danger...a danger which the greater population sadly seems all too willing to ignore.  My words are motivated not only by a lifelong anger towards the perpetrators who annihilated my family and my people, but also towards those who knowingly sat by and watched the horrors of the Holocaust unfurl and did nothing to stop them.  It is my determined hope that when you help MRFF’s cause, neither my children nor grandchildren will ever have to experience the things I went through during my youth in the Nazi death and concentration camps.


The wall separating church and state
in the U.S. military has collapsed.

Joseph Wilson

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Embedded missionaries: One man's fight against the military's 'crusade'

July 2009 Vol. 5 Issue 6

By: Zeyad Maasarani, IFN Staff Writer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Michael “Mikey” Weinstein opens his e-mail inbox to find another unflattering message.

“You hate Jesus so much [you’re] foaming out the mouth ... [you’re] conspiring with the Muslim news media to stamp out Christianity,” the e-mail reads. “In spite of your being a traitor and a big pile of (expletive), have a nice day.” Weinstein smiles and keeps reading, with an almost renewed zeal. Words like these help fuel his work every day.


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O'Reilly Needs To Get His Facts
Straight About Flyover Denial

Friday, July 10, 2009

By: Chris Rodda

Earlier this week, I wrote, on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), about the Air Force's decision to deny the request for a flyover at the Nampa, Idaho "God and County Festival." After two years of exposing the military's practice of providing support for blatantly sectarian events, MRFF saw the decision to deny this request as a signal that the military might finally be starting to follow its own existing regulations, and congratulated the Obama administration and the Air Force for making the right decision. Well, needless to say, FOX News didn't see this as the right decision, and, in typical FOX fashion, painted it as an egregious attack on religion by Obama.


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Fox report suggests Pentagon
policy nixing religious flyover is
a sign Obama is anti-Christian

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

By: David Neiwert

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Gretchen Carlson of Fox and Friends was all worked up this morning over something she read off the Christian Newswire -- and in typical Fox fashion, proceeded to report on only the religious right's spin of the event.




This week's article comes from the July 2009 issue of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit newsletter (pdf).

In a column about Independence Day, Chaplain Bailey got off to a good start, explaining in his opening paragraph how our independence from England led to "people having the right to worship in accordance with their own faith tradition," and that the First Amendment is "the reason the military has chaplains to uphold every service member's First Amendment right to worship in accordance to their particular faith group tradition." The rest of his article? Well, that was all about promoting one "particular faith group tradition" -- Chaplain Bailey's.

"I always remind people that we live in a fallen world, darkened by sin and evil because mankind wanted their independence from God. I also remind people of the incredible cost our Heavenly Father paid with the sacrifice of his one and only Son who died in our place in order that whomever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). In other words, our Heavenly Father through his Son paid the ultimate price, even death on a cross in order that whomever would believe could live a life independent from sin. Therefore, because of this great sacrifice paid by the Son of God any and every person can walk in victory beyond the struggles, skeletons in one’s closet, and temptations that can keep us from being men and women of honor, courage and commitment."

MRFF's Inbox

"Chaplain read into hit count" - Letter to Stars & Stripes

July 17, 2009

Did I just read this right? One of our deployed chaplains feels compelled to do a search for “gay” hits on the S&S search engine and then come to the bizarre conclusion that S&S may be illegally operating outside of the bounds of a first amendment newspaper by publishing what he sees as a pro-gay agenda without adequate counterpoint? Just for statistical comparison “Jesus” has “gay” beat on the S&S search engine by 398 to 301 (also with little or no counterpoint) but I don’t think this means the paper is pushing a pro-Jesus agenda.


July 9, 2009

In response to a MRFF Press Release from September 5th, 2008

Bolshevik crap. Why do you suppose California is broke and its churches empty on Sunday? I applaud all attempts such as this to secularize the nation because it exposes you and all your ilk for what you are--enemies of God.

[name withheld]

Richard Baker Responds to reader comment

July 10, 2009

Good People,

What this unfortunate sycophant has neglected to realize that America is already a secular nation, and has been so since the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the US Constitution. A nation in which all religions may flourish but none dominate.

Here is a person, like many other Americans, immersed, inundated, buried, overwhelmed, smothered, enchanted, pinned down, enthralled, enslaved and otherwise enraptured by a brand of Christianity that has not been witnessed since the Inquisition.

With little else in their lives and without direction, ambition, goals, and the benefit of true education, America's legion of obedient Dominion Christian lemmings eschew all of the gifts humanity has to offer and squander there lives in abject servitude to a God of choice which demands much and gives little.

This poor human being does not realize that it is HE who is God's enemy. Perhaps not the enemy of the God fashioned by Dominionists who greatly resembles the God of the Old testament, but rather an enemy of the God who calls for fellowship, moderation, love of enemy, peace, brotherhood and tolerance who ostensibly gave his life in sacrifice to all humans.

This stumbling idiot's words are the words of the extremist, the, supremacist and the bigot which obviate all other views, beliefs and doctrines, the ignorant words of a Neo-Pharisee.

Much as the Nazis, Fascists and Communists needed total control so do the Dominionist Christians to achieve their now exposed march to world conquest.

Rejoice in the The California Council of Churches endorsement of the important work of the MRFF and think of it as an endorsement of thinking men and women who would sooner thwart the twisted liturgy of Dominion Christianity than suffer even one young soldier a heart wrenching personal betrayal by his or her senior NCO's and officers to whom God has become a political tool.

Reject Dominionism as you would reject any philosophy that has been put forward and defeated because of it's vile and inhumane nature.

Richard Baker
MRFF Regional Coordinator
Colorado Springs

July 8, 2009

Very glad to see latest issue ... you got players in the religious theater ... logistics .. cut 'em off at the knees, at their roots -- religious collegiates: religious constitutionalists vs field force recruiters .. got me staunchin' my bleeding heart, much thanks, those remf's in for surprises ... all for now (sense of strategy is out of play, just know JROTC is a great step, maybe get banded with the peeps fighting creationism vs evolution wars at the school boards level -- school boards, college cadres, field force fighters .. you got experience, I'm sure you know better than me)

July 8, 2009

Subject:"In Your Low Nature To Oppose God..."

A sheeny shyster? Not a pawn broker or a JEWeler? Big surprise. Like I said, a leech, a blood sucker. Certainly not a nation builder but a nation destroyer. 13,000---96% Christian? You are a congenital LIAR. I repeat, it is in your low nature to oppose God...that is why jews are always advocating for greed, perversity and decadence as perfectly exemplified by Barney Frank, among others. Al Franken comes to mind.

[name withheld]

July 8, 2009

Mikey, Chris,

The Army Suicide Prevention training finally came to my organization within Army Headquarters. I knew that previous versions of this training had included an obscene level of christian propoganda which had since been removed; however, upon receiveing the read-ahead, I noted with horror that one of the slides had the image of a cross with a soldier bowing before it. Prior to the actual training (which was to be conducted by our organization's leadership) I respectfully noted to my supervisors that I felt this display was not appropriate. They hadn't noticed it (they didn't create the briefing), but agreed that it was completely out of bounds and removed it prior to the training session. I was reluctant to bring it to their attention, but felt it was ultimately the right thing to do. Fortunately, it worked out and my leadership seemed greatful that I brought it to their attention, but it could definitely have gone the other way. I can only marvel at the bravery of young soldiers who risk much more than I have in bringing such issues to their commanders.

Anywho, thought you'd both enjoy a success story, even if only a minor one.

Thanks for all you do,

[name withheld]

July 8, 2009

Subject: "...the Other Leeches Around You..."

To: Mikey Weinstein

Charity work? Is that what you do? You and the other leeches around you benefit only yourselves. Why else would you do it? Altruism? The truth is hatefull to those who hate the truth. Anyway, you're still building your business so don't expect to maximize your revenues in such a short time. Give it a few more years. After all, what else could you do to make a fiat buck? You have no education and no skills.

[name withheld]

July 7, 2009

Subject: Definition of "Sheeny"

Once again my spelling fails me. See the provided link...

[name withheld]


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The wall separating church and state
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Joseph Wilson


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