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FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 2009


The wall separating church and state
in the U.S. military has collapsed.

Joseph Wilson

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"Lest We Forget..."
A selection from the MRFF Archives

August 2, 2007

DoD Inspector General Finds Misconduct by Pentagon Generals Participating in “Christian Embassy” Promo Video:
Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s Exposé Vindicated

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Engineer Express

This week's article comes from the July 15, 2009 issue of The Engineer Express (PDF), a bi-monthly publication of the Louisiana National Guard's 225th
Engineer Brigade.

In his "Chaplain's Corner" column, titled "Living in Victory," Chaplain Maj. Jeff Mitchell, who habitually uses his column to overtly promote Christianity, explains how having Jesus as "your reference point to victory is crucial," how "Victory is not something that is ahead of us, but has already been accomplished by Jesus’ completed victory on the cross," and why "when you experience defeat, it just shows you that you need to quickly get your branch reconnected to the Vine, who is the Victorious Life of Christ in you," summing up his piece by telling the troops that they "are Champions 'in Jesus Christ.'"

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MRFF's Inbox

July 18, 2009


RE: It's great to seeing MRFF making sound and fair headway in "pushing back"!!

I see signs by your newsletter that the MRFF and you and your family, friends and supporters are making fine headway against Christian Dominionism. Pushing back against those who would shove their rigid form of religion down the throats of others who live and work everywhere is a hard job, but much needed if we are to save our nation's Constitution and way of life.

Your blunting their efforts especially within the U.S. Military is impressive and most reassuring to others like myself. You now have a new Board Member on the USAFA Governing Board, Congressman Jared Polis, who is himself of the Jewish faith tradition. His website is: and has the D.C. office phone no. of 202 225-2161, and is at Rm 501, CHOB, 1st Street and Independence Ave, S.E., DC.

The ambitions for power and influence of these conservative, fundamentalist Christians has no limits and they know little about ethical and/or polite behavior towards others. It's their way or the highway!

I was especially appreciative of the video you recently included within this most recent newsletter... about the Defense Department under Obama finally clamping down on this kind of rude and pushy behavior exhibited for decades by the Christian Defense Coalition's Nampa, Idaho yearly gathering's.

I'm glad that the "fly over" was cancelled by the U.S. Air Force for the first time in these forty years. All I can say is that, "It was about time...and it was long over due!" Thank You who ever made the decision on this in the DOD! I used to teach school in Idaho Falls, Idaho and had no idea that this sort of thing was going on over in Nampa, ID.

These conservative, evangelical fundamentalists think that no other person on earth can even consider the idea (concept) of God as being anything other than that which originates from their particular Christian Dominion sources and versions of who human beings might refer to asl the Prime Mover, the Hand of Providence, the Supreme Being, the Maker of All Things, or who we call The Almighty.

Anything beyond that is subject to the right of others to the questioning of others about what one espouses to believe in or not believe in...whether the espouser likes being challenged or not! That's freedom of religion! That's freedom of conscious. That's the right to question authority.

To use the U.S. Air Force in fly overs in order to help entrench a particular religious group's ceremonies, evangelizing or proselytizing is against The American Way. Thanks Again, Mikey!

And Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition knows full well that that's the case.

Keep Up the Good Work, Mikey!

[name withheld]

May 27, 2009

Comment from article

this is why, in the Navy at least, senior officers are - quietly - trying to marginalize and de-emphasize the use of chaplains, thanks to these misguided missionaries. Who needs the hassle if you are trying to run a ship? Shipboard life has enough low-morale what with frequent deployments and equipment breakdowns and the occasional suicide, without having some firebrand evangelical chaplain showing up onboard and preaching that nonbelievers will burn in hell for all eternity.

[name withheld]


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The wall separating church and state
in the U.S. military has collapsed.

MRFF desperately needs you to
Help Build The Wall!

Joseph Wilson


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