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Friday, May 4, 2018


Sends Letter To Ft. Campbell Leadership Condemning Dismissal of Jewish Lay Leader

*California Council of Churches IMPACT represents
1.5 million members within 5,500 congregations of
the Protestant Christian communities of faith.

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Nashville federation concerned about Jewish soldiers' access to religious services amid Fort Campbell investigation

Thursday, May 3, 2018

By: Holly Meyer | Tennessean
Date: May 3, 2018

The Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee is concerned that Jewish soldiers at Fort Campbell do not have access to religious services after 101st Airborne Division chaplains dismissed the longtime Jewish lay leader.


Here is what happened

Mize said she was terminated from her volunteer position without explanation in March, effectively ending the weekly religious services and holy day observances that she and her family have provided for decades.

The nearest synagogue is more than an hour's drive away in Nashville.

Mize, who lives in Clarksville, said she thinks it points to a larger problem among the top chaplains, and she enlisted the help of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Mize said she feels Jewish soldiers and their families are facing religious persecution at Fort Campbell.


The investigation is still underway

Fort Campbell is not revealing the name of the new Jewish lay leader while the investigation is underway, said Robert N. Jenkins, director of public affairs at Fort Campbell.

Mikey Weinstein, the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said he is thankful for the outpouring of support from religious and nonreligious groups and people alike.

"That's been fantastic to see," Weinstein said.

In addition to the local federation's statement, the civil rights organization has been backed in letters from leaders of the Columbus Jewish Foundation in Ohio and the California Council of Churches IMPACT.

"Depriving Jewish people from reasonable access to their community of faith practice is the antithesis of why they serve: upholding the Constitution and our cherished rights including the right to worship," wrote Elizabeth Sholes, public policy director for the council.

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Congressman writes Sec. of Defense; JTA sends Ft. Campbell letter after MRFF
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Army Chaplains Show Serious Bigotry Towards Jewish Soldiers at Fort Campbell

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Fort Campbell Bringing Back
Bad Memories

Thursday, May 3, 2018

From: Military Spouse's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Fort Campbell Bringing Back Bad Memories
Date: May 3, 2018

Mikey my husband (name, rank and MOS or AFSC withheld) and I have been closely watching the terrible situation at Fort Campbell, KY. And its been bringing back some bad memories of just a few years ago when our family was facing similar anti-semitism at (military installation name withheld).

Our family is Jewish and my husband was being constantly proselytized to by his commander. In front of everyone. And no one would say anything or help us to make him stop. The Jewish Lay Leader was intimidated of the commander and just told us "to ride it out". He refused to help. We tried "riding" and it only got worse.

Fortunately you and the MRFF stepped in hard with the chain of command. It only took barely a day. The MRFF forced my husband's commander to just stop from referring to my husband as "a soon-to-be Christian" in front of the other members of the (military unit name withheld). And no more "Jew-shaming" and proselytizing. We heard he got a formal reprimand but still don't know for sure? But that's the word anyways.

We won't ever forget the help which the MRFF gave us. Facing anti-semitism in the (service branch withheld) is a nightmare to do alone. Our isolation ended when the MRFF came to our rescue.

We hope the MRFF can help out Jeanette Mize and the Mize family. And the rest of the Jewish Community at Fort Campbell like you all did for us.

Sorry Mikey but like before when you helped us all so much please do not reveal our names or location and e-mail address to anyone else.

May G-d Bless You and the MRFF and the Mize family at Fort Campbell.

(name, address, phone number and current military installation all withheld)

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