Breaking News: MRFF’s Demand Finally Met by Air Force Academy

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Associated Press – Air Force Academy releases cadet survey

Colorado Springs Gazette – AFA survey: Cadets fear racial, religious bias

Associated Press – 41% of non-Christian AF cadets cite proselytizing

News First 5: AFA survey shows four main “areas of concern”

Click here to download the actual survey direct from the Air Force Academy (PDF)

The following is a statement by MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein regarding the US Air Force Academy’s decision to disallow MRFF from briefing event

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF; condemns, in the harshest possible terms, the comprehensively despicable and transparently self-serving actions of the U.S. Air Force Academy in barring MRFF from attending its ultra-controversial “2010 Climate Survey”  briefing this morning at the Academy. Among other things, this cowardly refusal by the U.S. Air Force Academy directly violates a specific promise by a senior Pentagon official via a letter to MRFF dated October 19, 2010 that today’s release of the Climate Survey data and related context information was specifically intended to address the demands of those entities that made requests pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, MRFF being chief among them.

MRFF’s attorneys will carefully review these outrageous actions and deal swiftly with any violations of the law. The pathetic irony of this sad matter ought not to be lost upon anyone observing this travesty. Indeed, consider the following scenario as most telling. At precisely the very same time USAF Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould is furiously attempting to explain away as ‘encouraging’ the shocking results of that 2010 Climate Survey (initiated in 2009), better described as a ‘tarantula on the Academy’s wedding cake’, to those granted attendance, he has ignored the absolutely clear directive of USAF Headquarters (Pentagon) that the release include all FOIA requesters, including MRFF, a 3-time Nobel Peace Prize nominated civil rights charity, representing over 20,000 U.S. active duty armed forces members and veterans, and which currently has 172 of Lt. Gen. Gould’s own Air Force Academy personnel as victim-clients.

MRFF’s victim-clients are enduring horrific and unconstitutional systemic religious oppression at the Academy; the very same systemic oppression which Gould is dishonorably trying to ‘spin’ to the media as being either trivial or nonexistent! It is, of course, obvious why Gould barred MRFF; he cravenly wanted to silence all opposition and dissent to his farcical briefing. This being the very same presentation where he is trying to explain why a heaping pile of horse feces is, in fact, a heaping pile of diamonds. He wanted no avenue of inconvenient and contrary communication available for those 172 of his USAF Academy subordinate cadets and staff  for whom MRFF alone speaks. Why? Because those 172 subordinates of Gould are too terrified of retribution and reprisal to speak for themselves. And, oh how Gould is depending upon that terror-induced silence.

Gould and his command at the USAF Academy will neither now nor ever speak for MRFF’s 172 clients who are being tormented and afflicted on a daily basis. The U.S. Air Force Academy craves and enforces brutal silence among those it unconstitutionally torments. What does MRFF think of Gould and his fellow USAF Academy oppressors, especially in light of Gould’s deliberate breaking of the aforementioned promise made to MRFF by his own Pentagon superiors? Confucius said it best; “To see that which is right, and not to do it, is cowardice.”

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