ASSOCIATED PRESS – Retired General to Review Religion at AF Academy

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MRFF’s Official Statement Regarding Gamble’s “Assessment” Visit

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) declares Gamble’s “window-dressing survey team” as absolutely DOA; Dead On Arrival. Why? Because if this is not a genuine INVESTIGATION conducted by totally impartial, outside, aggressive and experienced investigators, especially given the egregious severity and historical numbers of Constitutional religious violations at the Air Force Academy, then this event never had a pulse of life to begin with. Further, the Pentagon has already stated that the marching orders for Gamble and his team of three fellow travelers is to ONLY take a “subjective look at the overall climate at USAFA relating to FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION”. Sadly, THAT myopic analysis is the very CORE of the fundamentalist Christian abusive disgrace at USAFA. The First Amendment has TWO clauses relating to religious freedom; the aforementioned Free Exercise Clause and “that other clause”; the one USAFA brutally and viciously violates with arrogant impunity, the No Establishment Clause. USAFA’s train-wreck, long history of Constitutionally-violative religious oppression has ALWAYS sprung from it’s blatant violations of the No Establishment Clause and NOT the Free Exercise Clause. The Air Force and Gamble are intent on barking up the putrescent, wrong tree. One must ask why? It is clear that neither Pentagon leadership nor Gamble and his small retinue of apparent rubber stampers have the slightest scintilla or even bare nuance of a clue as to the enormity of magnitude of the salient difference between these two seminal First Amendment clauses and how that makes ALL the difference at USAFA. Is this malfeasance or misfeasance? Does it even matter? It has been said that any sufficiently advanced incompetence is completely indistinguishable from malice. Ergo, MRFF pronounces the Gamble “assessment visit” as fatally flawed before it even arrives to inevitably confirm how superbly USAFA is following the Constitution on matters of religious freedom.Thus, without these imperative assurances that BOTH clauses of the First Amendment will be assiduously analyzed, MRFF will not produce a single of its 222 USAFA clients for Gamble’s toothlessly flawed “survey team” to speak with!” Shame, shame on the Air Force yet once again.”

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