Shocking Constitutional Violation: “Airman’s” / “Soldier’s” Bible Letter

To The Military Religious Freedom Foundation:

I am an active duty Judge Advocate in the Air Force. I have been a financial supporter of MRFF since 2007 after I heard Mr. Weinstein speak at an Air Force Judge Advocates’ conference at Lackland Air Force Base. Fortunately I have never personally been the subject of religious persecution since I joined the Air Force, however, I was always taught from a young age that religious tolerance is amongst the most important virtues in life. That is why I choose to make a yearly financial contribution to MRFF.

With that in mind I was browsing today at the Andrews Air Force Base Exchange after lunch when I came across the following two books respectively entitled “The Airman’s Bible,” and “The Soldier’s Bible.” I do not object to the generic use of “Airman,” and “Soldier,” as these are terms that could apply to a member of any country’s Air Force or Army respectively. What is disturbing about these volumes is that they so prominently feature the Department of the Air Force and Army seals. I find such conspicuous violation of the Joint Ethics Regulations and the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution shocking. It is a big step towards establishing the Holman Christian Standard Bible as the official religious text of the military services of the United States. I find it even more offensive that officials of AAFES have prominently displayed these books on the shelves of the BX of the home of our Commander in Chief. It is appalling that the the symbols of our military services, that represent the millions of lives sacrificed to defend our Constitution and freedoms, are being co-opted in such blatant manner. The work of the MRFF to end this injustice is appreciated.

With My Greatest Respect,

(USAF Judge Advocate’s name, rank, USAF position title and USAF unit and USAF military installation withheld)

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