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First of all, there is no such thing as SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE – read the CONSTITUTION bone heads! Get your hands off the U.S. Military and our freedom of religion. I am a retired United States Air Force MSgt and this is for all current and former members of our proud defenders of liberty. Get out of our faces and stay out!

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

Getting a bit “Crotchetty” are we? LOL

My name is Rick Baker and I volunteer for MRFF to help make sure everyone’s letters get a prompt and courteous reply. I, too, am an Air Force Veteran and rescue pilot, having served two combat tours in Vietnam.

This did not keep me from getting a good education and studying the US Constitution. Although the First Amendment is only a few words long, many thousands of words have been made a part thereof by Supreme Court rulings. This would mean that the Separation of Church and State is, in fact, in the Constitution. it would also indicate that you may, in fact, be the bone head. Ha!

I am including a link to some of these decisions that relate to religious freedom for your examination.

GO Here:

This is meant to be all in fun. I thank you for your service to America and hope you will visit our web site at:

Rick Baker

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and has asked me to respond on behalf of MRFF. Thank you for your service to our nation. It is, and always will be, greatly valued and appreciated. Although I have no military experience, I am very proud to work with many retired and active duty military members at MRFF who have a very different perspective on what they were, are, and will be fighting for.

You begin your email with the ridiculous statement that “is no such thing as SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE – read the CONSTITUTION bone heads!” I’ll first dispense with your ridiculous verbal gymnastics and pretzel tying regarding the clear constitutional concept that clearly created a SECULAR (…my CAPS key works as well) democratic republic. The Constitution clearly states in not one but two separate instances the absolute unimportance and lack of respect for religion in our democratic republic form of government.

Article VI – …but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Amendment I- Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…

These quotes are not taken out of context, the language is clear, concise and on-point. There is no mincing of words here. Get over it.

Your verbal tantrum that “there is no constitutional separation of church of state” is based on your inability to face facts. The Constitutional Separation of Church and State is simply a conceptual summary of the clear/concise/direct constitutional language of Art. VI & Amend. I. You attack the conceptual construct because you know you can’t attack the language and constitutional imperative upon which it is based. This juvenile attempt to play “GOTCHA” is simply beneath contempt. It deserves ridicule and nothing more.

Since you like word games apparently, let’s play this one:

I will bet money against long odds that there is no place on your Birth Certificate that indicates you are a Human Being.

However, being that you have emailed MRFF with your complaints and assuming that you are neither a computer generated spam or a lower life form, I would look at your birth certificate and surmise that you are not just probably a Human Being…but that you are definitely a Human Being…without the words ‘HUMAN BEING’ ever appearing in the document that certified your birth. GOTCHA!

As a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) volunteer for MRFF, I am not offended but truly pissed off by the U.S. Military’s decision to selectively endorse a version of the Bible that I find to be a figment of the collective imaginations of a selective group of clowns who were selected based on the ulterior motives of a tiny minority of the Christian faith:

Around 1998, the Holman Bible Publishers (LifeWay Christian Resources) assembled an international, interdenominational team of 100 scholars and proofreaders, all of whom were committed to biblical inerrancy. The translation committee sought to strike a balance between the two prevailing philosophies of Bible translation: formal equivalence (literal, “word-for-word”, etc.) and dynamic or functional equivalence (“thought-for-thought”). The translators called this balance “optimal equivalence.”

I don’t personally give a damn if they called their selective translation a ‘Doughnut’. However, when the government in the form of the U.S. Military begins to dole out endorsements for one biblical translation over another, or one religious text over another, then I give a big damn.

The U.S. Military or any government entity has essentially two options to comply with the U.S. Constitution in this matter:

1) Remove endorsement of ALL religious texts.

2) Provide equal endorsement and service branch seal use by all recognized religious texts (example:

The U.S. Military service branches chose the sane option. I’m sure they did this because they knew that they would have received just as much support from individuals such as yourself when they allowed their branch emblems to be slapped on religious texts such as the Wiccan ‘Book of Shadows’ or L. Ron Hubbard’s (Scientology) ‘Dianetics’.

Although I have never served in the military, I have been in enough BXs and PXs to realize that the Service Branch Emblems are sold individually in many forms like self adhesive stickers. As such, I believe the intelligent men and women that make up our exceptional family of military service members, active duty and veteran alike, can figure out how to attach their service branch affiliation to their personally chosen religious text. If there is some military regulation, directive, or section of the UCMJ that would prohibit individual service members from doing this, then I stand corrected and my point that the U.S. Military chose the sane option in this matter is made that much stronger.

My belief in Christ and his teachings (i.e. faith) is not so feeble as to make me feel the need to prop up my Christian faith and heritage with government approved crutches. To do so as a patriotic American would be weak willed and would come at the expense of my duty to protect and defend my Constitution and the secular democratic republic it established.


Andy Kasehagen, MRFF Volunteer

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