TRUTHOUT – A Civil Rights Battle Royale: Contending for the Soul of the Military

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Truthout Advisory Board Member and Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s (MRFF) founder and president Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein recently released a new book, No Snowflake in an Avalanche, co-authored with Davin Seay, which recounts the history of MRFF’s creation and achievements. Weinstein recently responded to some email questions from Truthout’s Leslie Thatcher about the book and about the Foundation’s current work.
  • “Dominionism” is to the Christian faith what “Wahhabism” is to the Islamic faith. Think “Christian Taliban,” and you’re right on the mark. I’m sorry to have to report that fundamentalist Christianity or “Dominionism” is inextricably intertwined into the very DNA of our United States armed forces today. Its unlawful and un-American tentacles of noxious unconstitutionality are systemically found in every unit of every branch of the US military.
  • Well, as a result of the swiftly metastasizing theocratic, democracy-poisoning grip of unbridled dominionism extant in today’s American Department of Defense (DoD), we at MRFF are compelled to fight absolutely nothing less than a “fundamentalist Christian, para-church, military, corporate, congressional proselytizing complex” of literally Jovian proportion. Dominionism has become an intractable alloy with the technologically most lethal organization ever created by humankind: the United States military.
  • We have had tens of thousands of success stories. Many of them have gone viral in the national and international media like the “Jesus Rifles” and Jesus Nukes successes and getting the Air Force to issue the first-ever regulation criminalizing unconstitutional proselytizing via Air Force Instruction 1-1, Aug. 7, 2012.
  • As to the second question, I am still very disappointed in the fact that, to date, not a single member of the Department of Defense has EVER been prosecuted via trial by courts martial for the brazen religious civil rights violations that occur every day and night within DoD. The only way to change this noxious bigotry is punish it very visibly. The Romans had it right; if you lop off some heads and stick them high on poles for all to see, it DOES change behavior swiftly. Well, we don’t chop off heads anymore, but we do court martial criminals every hour of every day in the US armed forces. It’s way more than merely “about time” that unconstitutional fundamentalist religious predators face that degree of institutional Pentagon rigor.

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