Night and Day

To: Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF

I am the United States Navy sailor, my rank is (rank withheld) stationed on board the aircraft carrier USS (name withheld), CVN- (numerical designation withheld), who contacted you yesterday about being unduly proselytized to by my unit’s CO, (name and rank withheld). I was out of options. Did not know what to do? Talked to my dad (retired Navy) and my wife. They recommended to ask MRFF for the help needed. All I can say is that when my next duty shift started today I was ordered to my CO’s CO and his CO was there too. They apologized for what had happened and told me of the corrective procedures taken against my unit’s CO. I cannot reveal what has been done. Wish I could. But let me say that it is so perfect I cannot believe it is going down that way! To fit the “crime” I mean. Neither me nor any of the crew I lead will even have to see our former CO for quite a while. Apparently my problem with him was not the first such time. Yesterday was my worst day in the Navy. But today is my best day thanks to the MRFF! I have never seen such a fast and productive response.

Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF, I do not know what you did? But you did it in way less than a day from my contacting you. Just so you know, I am a Protestant. My brother in law is a ordained pastor and he married my wife and me. He also baptized each of our 4 kids. My family and I cannot thank all of you ever enough. I am sending the MRFF url website to every sailor I know on board our vessel and the whole Navy!


(U.S. Navy Sailor’s name, rank, unit and assigned ship all withheld)

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