VIDEO – FOX NEWS: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Peter Johnson Jr. Attack Mikey Weinstein For ‘Attacking’ Air Force, Christians, And God

Published On: October 25, 2013|Categories: Top News, Video|0 Comments|

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As the mouthpiece for the religious right, the conservative Christians on Fox & Friends provide VIP treatment for American Christians who are constantly being persecuted by the insidious atheist agenda. And as part of their role as defenders of the Fox faith, the pals also have the back of God himself who, according to Fox’s homophobic “fundamentalist barking dog” Todd Starnes, could be kicked out of his place of honor in the Air Force oath. Yesterday, Starnes exposed this latest faux outrage which included a swipe at Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, now a target of the religious right because his group has been successful in pressuring the military to tamp down on inappropriate “Christian” proselytizing in the military. Last night, the information in Starnes article was given national attention by Megyn Kelly who advanced the Fox/right wing meme that the military is curtailing religious freedom. This morning, Fox & Friends upped the propaganda ante with the claim that Weinstein’s group is attacking not just God – but the Air Force itself!

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