WASHINGTON TIMES – Are Tea Partiers and Christian conservatives the real RINOs?

Selected Article Excerpt:

Mikey Weinstein is a registered Republican who served in the Reagan Administration. A former military prosecutor, he now heads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. This is a legal advocacy group which defends military personnel from religious discrimination brought about mostly by fundamentalist Christians.

Weinstein’s work has resulted in widespread condemnation from the Religious Right. Its members have devoted an immense amount of energy to deriding Weinstein and the MRFF. He has become an unfortunate celebrity; a boogeyman at which fears of a secular America are directed.

The passionate fear and hatred which he is subject to highlights the mindset of many rightist activists who have tried to remake the GOP in their own image.

“I am a proud Christian living and spreading The Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here in Tulsa,” an unnamed individual wrote to the MRFF last month. “Me and my wife came to listen to the devil’s own Mikie Wienstein at the All Soul’s unitarian church here last saturday. Our pastor told us the next day at Sunday Service that this so called ‘church’ should be renamed as ‘All Soul’s Going To Hell’ for 2 reasons.

“First it invited one of the greatest enemys of Christ wienstein to even speak here in Tulsa in the first place. Second because noone at that ‘church’ has been saved by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ. And they all then will burn in the Lake of Fire for they rejection of our Savior.

“We listened to mikie Wienstein speak his evil words against allowing Christ to impower our U.S. army soldiers. We watched the jews face. We could not help but notice his face. Being a cunning jew he has a shrewd jew face to begin with to confuse the people. But the spirit on that dark face of his could only be of the Dark One himself satan. It was so obvious. It gave my wife and me chils to behold his demonism. My wife wanted to ask him a question at the microphone about him being of satan. But his evil glare from his dark father the fallen angel satan kept her from the strength to do so. And it was useless anyway.

“As all the others there will burn erternally in hell with that jew of satan. And he had to bring his big….guards with him for protection? He has no protection from The Way,The Truth and The Life of Jesus. Mikie should no that there is no protection from those who kiss the lips of satan. And reject the free gift of the love of Christ. He gets what is coming for him from the warriors of the Savior. It is only a matter of time now.”

The rage in this message is not political per se, but what drives far-right wingers to hold the views they do. It isn’t even religious in a theological sense, rather that which forms the basis for hardline theistic beliefs.

At its essence, said rage is what has brought the GOP to its knees.

“This is not the Republican Party that I remember being in when I was in the White House,” Weinstein explains to The Washington Times Communities. “This is not the Republican Party of Barry Goldwater or Jacob Javits or Abraham Lincoln. This is some sort of perverted nightmare that has been distorted by the Tea Party and these people are just bigoted, racist scumbags.

“So, what I do is I consider the source. If they don’t like me, I’ve often said they can take a number, pack a picnic lunch, and stand line. We’re not going to stop doing what we’re doing.”

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