My Right to Worship as I Chose

How can you serve less than 10% of the military in blocking my freedom to Worship as I Chose. People like you and the President are driving this wonderful country into the ground. Our fore-fathers came to this country to escape the small thinking such as your groups. If you believe that 95% of your clients are Christians then I have ocean front property for sale in Arizona. I don’t demand others believe as I do but why should my rights be violated because they are the same as your clients. I wonder how many of your clients have been in a combat situation.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld)-

Mikey had read your email and asked me to respond to you.

How is the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) blocking you from worshiping as you choose? Have we told you that you “are not the right kind” of Christian and “going to hell?” Did you hear an Army Chaplain tell you this while you were active: US Army chaplain MAJ James Linzey, who, in a 1999 video, described mainstream Protestant churches as “demonic, dastardly creatures from the pit of hell “that should be “stomped out.” Have we told you to attend a certain denomination of Christianity? Have we given you poor performance ratings because you won’t accept our sect? Have we denied you advancements because you are of a different sect? Have we verbally abused you with in-your-face religious proselytizing against your own religion? Have we driven you out of the military on trumped up charges? Have we put you on “point” on every mission? No!

This is what our soldiers go through every day by the Evangelical/Fundamental/Dominionist sect of Christianity that believes they should cleanse the military of all the wrong kinds of Christians, those of other faiths and or those of no faith, in order to turn our military into “Soldiers for Christ.”

This is the sect we fight against because our military is secular and must remain that way. No religion – not even Christianity – is allowed to dominate or be the face of our military under the Establishment Clause.

How you turned making our military obey the Establishment Clause under our Constitution to a personal attack on you – while retired – is beyond me. Care to explain?

You wrote:

If you believe that 95% of your clients are Christians then I have ocean front property for sale in Arizona. I don’t demand others believe as I do but why should my rights be violated because they are the same as your clients.

You don’t demand others to believe what you do but this dominionist sect – which has entrenched itself for the past 3 decades all the way to the Pentagon – does.

There are approximately 41,000 denominations of Christianity in the world. Which one is the true one? Yours?

Mikey – an agnostic Jew – is the face, founder and President of the MRFF but 75% of the Board and Advisory Board are Christians. Do you believe that we are also not Christians? By what criteria do you state this? I’m really curious as to why you would step in to Jesus’ sandals and judge people you have never met.

We have MANY clients that have been in a combat situation and still are.

You have made many false assumptions in such a short email and you will have to account to Jesus for your words and judgmental attitude.

I suggest you go to our website again, click on About and then click on Foundation Voices. Scroll through and you will see many military personnel, distinguished people, religious people and those of other walks of life that are a part of the MRFF.

FYI – Mikey and the MRFF have been nominated 6 times in 5 years for the Nobel Peace Prize.

May God have mercy on you.

Pastor Joan

MRFF Advisory Board member

Good morning (name withheld),

I’m a former Army medical sergeant with nine years of service in research, clinical, and combat environments. I was in Iraq for 15 months with a route clearance company and went through my share of explosions and a few firefights on the ground. During my deployment, I received a Combat Medical Badge for providing care under fire and a Purple Heart for sustaining blast injuries in combat. I am a MRFF client and continue to serve as a volunteer advisor.

I’m confused by your message. I’m not sure what you think MRFF does. Where have you been getting your information? We don’t want to stop anyone from exercising their Constitutionally protected right to free exercise of religion.

What we oppose is forced exercise. For instance: when soldiers in formation are forced to stand in silent respect, and sometimes forced to bow their heads, and listen to your religious rituals, you’ve crossed the line of free exercise and are imposing your exercise upon them. Using military authority to force soldiers to attend these prayer ceremonies is no different from forcing them to stand in silent respect while a Wiccan casts a spell on them or a Muslim praises Allah or a Satanist does black magic. It’s all the same thing – somebody else’s free exercise crossing the line and being forced on others. There’s nothing wrong with prayers or spells or what-have-you until you use the color of military authority to force others to endure your particular flavor of ritual.

Who does this? Who is the guilty party in 99% of our cases? Who constantly and persistently abuses military authority to force themselves on others? I’ll give you three guesses. Here, I’ll throw in a hint: It ain’t the Buddhists!

It’s not “normal” Christians either. MOST Christians have the good sense and moral decency to stand with us against those who try to forcibly shove their faith down the throats of others. Hope you’re one of them.

Messages like yours always puzzle me because it seems like you get your news and information from some alternate universe. But in this universe, MRFF has always supported free exercise. Pray your butt off; we don’t care. But the minute you cross the line of requiring others to attend, forcing them to listen, and so on, then there’s going to be a problem.


Dustin Chalker
MRFF Non-Religious Affairs Advisor

Dear (name withheld),

Thanks for your response.

I think there are enough concerned folks keeping an eye on President Obama to ensure he can’t act beyond his limited powers as president.

It’s important that you receive all the pertinent political information necessary to make informed decisions. We at MRFF attempt to keep our membership up to date with issues that concern them. You may wish to visit our web site at


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