Pat robertson is right about You

We hate you little jew trouble-maker Michael Weinstein. We hate your jew wife and we hate your jew children. We hate everyone at vomit drinking Military religious Freedom foundation. We hate everything about you. Why? Because we are commanded to serve Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Prince of Peace and our Lord.

And who are we? We are everywhere the Lord Jesus is. You will never stop us all.

And Jesus hate all of you too. You stole the oath to Christ away from our soldiers. Just like you crucified our Lord and savior. And tried to blame romans. Blood on your hands little jew Michael weinstein.

Pat robertson is right about you. To expose you but good. For all of us to see. You all frighten the air force because your in league with husiene obama and satan.

But you don’t frighten us. We are military families washed in the Blood of the Lamb. The Armour of the Lord Jesus protect us from you and your wicked followers of the devil. Perish and burn followers of michael weinstein. May you children and wife rot before your eyes forevermore.

(name withheld)

Dear BBguns,

Jesus, the Jew, must writhe in pain at the idea that such outrageous filth can come from the twisted minds of people who claim to believe in him. The arrogance of your self-assumed importance and the pitiful stupidity of your murderous hatred violate every syllable uttered by the man you have the audacity to call the Prince of Peace while associating threats, lies and slander with him and his teachings.

The claim that this message represents the demented thinking of members of actual military families is in itself proof of the urgent need for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s mission to protect the freedom of thought, the freedom of choice and the freedom of religious belief for all the women and men in our military. It is to the benefit of the actually intelligent and freedom-loving military families that the leaders of the U.S. Air Force chose to join the rest of our Armed Forces and recognize that the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America preclude the requirement of a religious oath.

I apologize for the use of any words you cannot understand. Translation upon request.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear (name withheld), (although that is not likely your real name) –

You are incredibly wrong in every aspect of your vile, disgusting diatribe:

1. Pat Robertson is not right about MRFF and Mikey Weinstein. I strongly suspect that he knows he’s not right, too — yet he apparently believes that lying for Christ is an ethical thing to do.

2. No one “stole the oath” from anyone. Every Air Force member who wishes to include “so help me God” in his/her enlistment oath can continue to do so. Your grasp on the facts of the case are even more tenuous than your grasp on proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

3. You claim to be following the commandments of Jesus Christ, yet you spew hate the likes of which is unrecognizable in the light of Christ’s teaching and example.

4. Your nasty, mean-spirited, ignorant attacks on Mikey and his family are inexcusable.

5. You claim not to be frightened, yet you attack with the fervor of one terrified by something he has not taken the time to understand.

I pity you, and I also wish that you would refrain from identifying yourself as a Christian. Those of us who love and serve Jesus Christ are worshiping a very different God than whatever god it is you appear to worship.

Mike Challman
Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter

you call yourself a Christian (by your writings you most certainly are not) who are you to call Mikey names like that? who are you to address his religion (if he is religious)real Christians dont hate- get it?
are you so ignorant you do not understand the constitution forbids an oath to any religion in the military service,are you really that stupid?
he stole nothing he helped restore the law- if he was not right the military would not have agreed.
your pseudo sick devotion to a cult religion belies the fact you are a traitor to the US and do not serve religion with your cowardly rants and threats.
do you think anyone is afraid of the likes of you? your an ignorant punk hiding behind religion- a religion YOU do not represent.
you think your made up screen name of Tommygunns gets past or intimidates anyone? that is what every coward does- makes a macho screen name to hide their cowardice.
Pat Robertson is an un American vile hate filled bigot who breeds hate, it apparently worked on you. . the alleged Christians lie everyday about eery one-if challenged you cry your religious freedoms are being attacked.they arent- your lies,ignorance and intolerance is.
YOU do not represent any military family or the military-
you represent a cult version of religion,you are the problem not the solution. real military families do not make threats on others.
Jesus does not hate anyone ,if he did- it would be you for your ignorance and intolerance.
you do NOT represent anything about religion or the bible.
Pat Robertson is the epitome of hate and intolerance,he has taught you well. you must be very proud.

Dear Anti-Semitic Tommie,

Your phony name and address and your hatred is of little importance to the thinking people of the world. Yours is a life wrapped in bigotry and prejudice and if he actually exists, Satan will welcome you to the dark bowels of Hades as an equal partner in the downfall of mankind.

I’m afraid it is you who will rot in the presence of good people and although we do not and could not in good conscience wish your family harm, we hope that they will find a way to safety and immunity from your inflated ego.

You put yourself on an equal level with Jesus when you could not even hope to kiss His footprints.

I am a former Air Force Officer and Rescue Pilot, having served two combat tours in Vietnam. I can assure you that Mr. Weinstein could never have frightened me or my crew but only encourage us to keep independent thought and allegiance to the secular regulations and instructions to which we took our solemn oath.

My advice to you is not to let your imagined relationship with Jesus cause your downfall.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer

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