August 18, 2015 – MRFF Intervention Leads to Immediate Disciplinary Action Against Commander Who Attempted To Force Subordinates To Attend His ‘Bible Study’

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After being told by their unit commander they had to attend his ‘bible studies’ being held in their barracks, 6 Christian (5 Protestant/1 Catholic) soldiers contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein for assistance.  These 6 MRFF clients expressed their concern about a situation they knew was wrong along with their concern for potential retribution if they spoke out or disobeyed their unit commander.  Based on these soldiers’ requests of MRFF to intervene on their behalf, Mikey immediately contacted the commander’s superiors regarding this illegal and unconstitutional activity demanding an immediate stop and appropriate punishment. Within a very few hours of making contact with MRFF, the 6 soldiers informed Mikey via email that their commander had been immediately counseled in regards to the illegal nature of his actions and instructed to immediately end his mandatory ‘bible studies.’

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