April 3, 2014 – MRFF Intervenes on Clients’ Behalf to Make Attendance Non-Mandatory at Speaking Event by Religious Fundamentalist

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Mikey Weinstein, MRFF Founder/President, was contacted by an active duty officer (deployed overseas) on behalf of himself and many fellow service members concerned with mandatory attendance at a speaking event promoted as “moral leadership and spiritual resiliency designed to reinforce the Army Values.” The key speaker at this event was scheduled to be Southern Baptist Preacher Dr. Richard Blackaby. The active duty officer contacting MRFF stated:

I was astounded to see some of the things he happily professed: that secularism was the root of all of America’s ills, posts denigrating President Obama who is our commander-in-chief, and advocating for a definition of leadership that determined one’s success based on how deeply one accepted Jesus Christ as one’s personal lord and savior.

MRFF’s actions and results in this matter on behalf of its clients in this matter were best summarized a few days later by the active duty officer who originally contacted Mikey:

MRFF immediately went to work for myself and the countless other members of our very large military unit concerned by this potential, serious Constitutional breach as well as violations of military regulations.  Very quickly we received the incredible word that, due to MRFF’s decisive advocacy on our behalf, all the events were now non-mandatory and that official attendance would not be taken.  And throughout the process, my anonymity and the anonymity of my fellow service members was completely protected. Their hard work and dedication has ensured that our civil rights were protected. To my fellow service members out there who face similar kinds of illegal religious dictates from their leadership, based on this recent experience I can say with full confidence that the MRFF will provide you with the outstanding assistance they provided us.

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