January 11, 2014 – Christian Messaging During Official Functions at Air Force Base Halted

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13 active duty Airmen stationed at a mainland U.S. Air Force base contacted Mikey Weinstein in mid-December 2013 regarding:

“…an alarming pattern emerging in the (USAF unit’s name withheld) group, permitted/encouraged by our Commander that fostered dogmatic Christian language and messages at three official functions within a four week period. This was creating an atmosphere that reeked of sectarian attitudes that implicitly harassed airmen with Christian beliefs that did not conform to these proselytizing messages as well as airmen who held other religious or non-religious views.”

As a result of MRFF’s involvement on behalf of these 13 Airmen, the majority of whom are Christian, the following actions were taken as reported by one of MRFF’s clients:

“Within 2 hours of contacting you, AF general officers at HQ in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon were mobilized. Within 5 hours the Wing commander had ordered my group commander to account for his/her actions. At the 24 hour mark allcommanders on base were called to a crisis meeting to discuss religious neutrality and were required to implement immediate changes that safeguard religious neutrality. 48 hours later my group commander was apologizing to the 300+ members of the (USAF unit’s name withheld) group.”

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