July 2013 – MRFF Action Forces Immediate Removal of Chaplain’s Statement Denigrating Military Service of Atheists

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Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes, installation Chaplain at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) posted an article to the JBER official website entitled , Chaplain’s Corner: ‘No atheists in foxholes’: Chaplains gave all in World War II. This article contained the redundant use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, “no atheists in foxholes,” and defiled the dignity of service members by telling them that regardless of their personally held philosophical beliefs they must have faith. On behalf of 42 clients at JBER, Blake Page (Special Assistant to MRFF President) contacted the commanding officer of JBER demanding appropriate action be taken to remove this article from JBER’s official website and that punitive measures and negative counseling be produced for all those involved in the production, approval and dissemination of Lt. Col. Reyes’ message of religious supremacy and disrespect towards the non-religious. The article was immediately removed and MRFF awaits confirmation on additional corrective action being taken to prevent similar future incidents.

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