June 11, 2012 – U.S. Military Emblems No Longer Allowed on Holman Military Bibles

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Over the past few years, MRFF has received nearly 2,000 complaints about these Bibles which are displayed and sold in base exchanges and other stores on military bases. This raised fears among military personnel that, in the words of an anonymous U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate, it was “a big step towards establishing the Holman Christian Standard Bible as the official religious text of the military services of the United States.” The dangerous nature of an official endorsement of Bibles by the U.S. Military is made clear by the fact that the Holman translation does not include those texts purged from the Bible during the Protestant Reformation which are still included in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox editions of the Holy Bible. Entitled “The Soldier’s Bible,” “Sailor’s Bible,” “Marine’s Bible,” and “Airman’s Bible,” respectively, the HSBC Bibles contained material merging Evangelical symbolism and theology with national and military iconography and anthems.

In addition to the constitutional issue of allowing the use of official U.S. military emblems on any Bible, these Holman military Bibles also contain a lengthy section of essays and other information promoting the Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCF), an organization of about 15,000 military officers who think the real duty of a military officer is to raise up “a spiritually transformed military, with ambassadors for Christ in uniform, empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

Following direct efforts by MRFF on behalf of its clients, all four branches of the U.S. Military have now revoked their approval of the Military series of Holman Christian Standard Bibles (HCSB).

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