November 19, 2013 – MRFF Demands USAFA Immediately Fire “ex-Gay” Fundamentalist Christian Who Claimed He Could “Cure” Gays

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Notorious anti-gay bigot Dr. Mike Rosebush’s is a former vice president of the rabidly fundamentalist Christian, Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family, one of the foremost anti-gay organizations in the country. Additionally, Rosebush has also been a clinical member of NARTH (the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality).  Rosebush has gained fame and notoriety by taking insipid quack science to ever-lower depths of absurdity. Indeed, the American Psychological Association (APA), in its “Resolution on Appropriate Affirmative Responses to Sexual Orientation Distress and Change Efforts,” has taken great pains to underscore such “therapy” as merely the expression of prejudice and discrimination, with a basis in ignorance and the distortion or active disdain of scientific data. Even Exodus International, the organization for which Rosebush served as Professional Counselors’ Network director, has publicly apologized for the harm caused by the espousal of the patently false notion that homosexuals can be “cured.”

Upon learning that the U.S. Air Force Academy was employing this anti-gay bigot, MRFF immediately sent a letter on behalf of its 27 lesbian/gay/bisexual (LGB) clients at USAFA to Acting Secretary of the Air Force, Eric Fanning. In this letter MRFF demands that USAFA exercises its responsibility towards the civil rights and protections of cadets, staff, and faculty, and immediately terminate the employment of “ex-gay” fraudster Dr. Mike Rosebush. MRFF responded to USAFA efforts to paint a “happy face” on the widely-reported environment of fundamentalist Christian religious oppression and homophobia by posting the third billboard at USAFA’s doorstep in Colorado Springs, CO., within the span of little over a month.

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