More Islamic indoctrination in Public Schools

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My question is, where are the guys in the class, probably in another room learning how Muslim men beat and rape Muslim women and sell them into sex slavery or maybe how they can have sex with a goat!!

(name withheld)


My question is, why doesn’t Bob Fritch spend more time engaging in activities that give glory to God, and less time thinking about sex with goats?








I do give glory to God every day, I constantly have Christian music playing in my car wherever I go as well as listening to worship music all day long as I do my job at a secular university.


I am just trying to point out the facts regarding the demonic religion of Islam and how there is a stealth jihad going on in our country today within our public schools and government.

(name withheld)


I love Christian music, have it on right now, in fact – Ernie Haase, Get Away Jordan, is playing at the moment.

But if you believe that listening to music in the car or at work is a bigger deal than what we say and do, then you are truly confused and lost, and you have both my pity and my prayers.
Same for your confused conspiracy theory paranoia about a “stealth jihad” taking place in America today. I think what may have confused you is the entirely appropriate effort to stem a misguided push to advance Christian supremacy in our government and military, and to establish a de facto ‘state religion’.
Even as a Christian myself, I see the danger of America moving toward a theocracy, and the harm that would do to the principles and values on which the nation was founded.
Keep praying for wisdom, my friend. It will come.






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