June 26, 2017 – MRFF Clients Force Supervising NCO to Retract Statement Regarding non-Christians

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Several active duty clients contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein regarding derogatory statements made by their supervising non-commissioned officer (NCO) regarding the trustworthiness of non-Christians within the U.S. Army during combat situations.  These clients expressed their concerns regarding this supervising NCO’s ongoing history of making highly inappropriate, unprofessional, and unconstitutional religious and political statements during unit formations.  These clients informed this NCO that they had contacted and filed complaints with MRFF and were considering a formal complaint with the Army Inspector General’s Office.  One clients described the results of their action in an email: 

He said at first that he denied saying that the Armys jews atheists and muslims were not as trustworthy in combat as the army’s christians. That they were not saved for not having Christ and all. But too many of us heard it and he had no choice but to try to slip out of it and just say that he had just been misunderstood and some other bullshit.  Me and the other soldiers in our (Army unit name withheld) told him that we had filed complaints with you and the mrff. And that we were considering filing  with Insp Gen and with (senior Army unit Commander’s name withheld) and others. Anyways he got all scared and all. Now he know how he makes us feel. And he asked us to give him another chance and all. 

While these clients expressed their appreciation for MRFF’s backing in dealing with this current issue, they have expressed their intent to call on MRFF again if this supervising NCO is unable to curb his religious bias while in command of his subordinates.

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