MRFF Assists Senior Christian Military Chaplain to Achieve Swift Resolution to Commander’s Investigation

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July 7, 2018

Click here to read letter of gratitude by senior active duty Christian Military Chaplain

MRFF’s Legal Team Assists Senior Christian Military Chaplain Achieve Swift Resolution to Commander’s Investigation Instigated by Congregation Member

A senior active duty Christian Military Chaplain contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein for assistance in responding to an investigation initiated after a sermon he preached during a worship service at his military base chapel. This investigation resulted from his Commander’s duty and obligations in responding to complaints levied by a congregation member alleging Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Contempt for the President of the United States based on the content of this MRFF client’s sermon.

MRFF’s client detailed what transpired after being informed this career-threatening investigation had been initiated:

The complainant was a conservative Christian older retiree and avid supporter of President Trump. Instead of coming to me to discuss his complaint, he went directly to my Commander who was obligated to launch a preliminary investigation regarding the charges. When the Investigating Officer called me in to make a statement I demurred and said I that would only make a statement if I was represented by legal counsel.

On leaving the Investigating Officer’s office I immediately looked up legal precedent which I believed to be solidly on my side and called Mikey Weinstein at MRFF. He was my first call because I know that he does support members of the Chaplain Corps of all faiths including Christian faiths. He returned my call within minutes and arranged for one of his MRFF attorneys to contact me. The attorney, who is one of the best around, contacted me within a half an hour.

The Investigator interviews other members of the congregation who contradicted the accuser while my MRFF counsel contacted the Investigating Officer by phone and email to tell him that I would make a statement through him. I worked late into the night gathering my sermon notes to allow the MRFF lawyer to help set the context for my defense. However, that ended up being unnecessary. I received a call from the Investigating Officer and the base Executive Officer telling me that the investigation had been complete and that I had been exonerated.

In response to this quick resolution to a potentially career-damaging (…or ending) complaint lodged with his Command by the disgruntled congregation member, MRFF’s client emailed:

I am sure that the quick and decisive action of the MRFF attorney ensured that I did not have to go through that trying and taxing ordeal. I have nothing but praise for Mikey and his MRFF team. They helped save me from a dire situation that could have threatened my career and freedom. Not everyone has a command like mine and over the course of my career I have seen other officers railroaded through preliminary investigations and sent to court martial. That is why I reached out to Mikey and MRFF. They bring in the big guns and seek decisive, swift action on the part of their clients. They are the best.

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