Voice of Thanks from Edwards AFB

From: USAF Airman/MRFF Client at Edwards A.F.B. E-Mail Address Withheld

Subject: Voice of Thanks from Edwards AFB
Date: August 20, 2018 at 9:11:34 PM MDT


Mr. Weinstein,

I am a USAF active duty member (rank, unit and AFSC withheld) stationed under the command of BGEN John Teichert at the 412th Test Wing. Edwards AFB, CA.
My spouse and I are (Protestant denomination withheld) and I am among the 41 MRFF clients objecting to the off the hook Christian proselytizing of our commander.

Without going into everything I just wanted to say thank you to you and the MRFF for leading this effort for us all. Many of us were aware of BGEN Teichert’s overt and sometimes not so overt pushing of his Christian faith on his subordinates. His reputation for all of this preceded him well before he took command of the 412th Test Wing last month. He does it much more than just with his PLUS project. You saw his change of command speech. I was there. And the USAF should know this! No way they can’t.

How can anyone under his command really believe that they will be treated fairly by this man? Especially those who are not even Christian? He has created a clear religious test for who is and who isn’t showing excellence as a USAF airman and American citizen. And we all know it. His many writings tell the tale. And when he writes online you can see his USAF rank enough to know where you stand. And he stands over us all out here. His personal Christianity is his jam and that’s how this guy rolls. Problem is he wants us all to roll exactly with him.

If you work for this commander as I and so many others do here at EAFB it is a pretty impossible task to try and just weather the storm of proselytizing from him until he finally is PCSed away to his next USAF pulpit some years from now.

Given the messed up shady command climate in our Wing there is just no way any of us could fight BGEN Teichert’s religious efforts from within the chain of command. It’s his house Mr. Weinstein. His rules. His game. That is why I and others asked the MRFF to intervene. We all are trusting MRFF to never identify us to the USAF. Please remove any identifiers from this e-mail.

Absolute trust is the key. It has taken me days to even gather the trust to send this note of thanks to you and the MRFF. My spouse is not sleeping still but she agreed it was right to send this e-mail. There is an effort here now to try and find out who ratted out BGEN Teichert. If any of us were fingered by the USAF as objecting to BGEN Teichert’s command by asking for help from the MRFF because of his Christian proselytizing our careers would just vanish and maybe even worse. A lot worse.

Anyways thank you Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF for making the stand for us all here at the 412th. We have seen some of the jacked up shit you are taking for having our backs. Our thanks is even more sincere because of that.

None of us had any other choice but to ask for your help if we wanted to fight what BGEN Teichert is peddling using his USAF command hammer. We don’t want to be his nails. Asking for your help to fight his religious proselytizing was the only way we could do this. We chose a good hill to die on if it comes to that. But something had to be done. And the MRFF is doing it.

(name, rank, AFSC, unit, phone number all withheld)

From: (name withheld)
Subject: Re: Voice of Thanks from Edwards AFB
Date: August 20, 2018 at 11:09:19 PM MDT
This whole situation is beyond anything that any member of our armed forces should have to endure. I have never served my country in such a fashion, but I have heard numerous stories relating unit cohesion to the simple question, ‘Is this someone you want beside you in a foxhole?’ The fact that our current service members have to wonder if the answer to that question when it involves a superior officer could be ‘no’ is not only frightening, it is also contemptible.
(name withheld)

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