7/2/19 – MRFF Assists 13 Active Duty Soldiers in Standing Up to Religious Proselytizing by Officer Delivering 4th of July Safety Briefing

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July 2, 2019

MRFF Assists 13 Active Duty Soldiers in Standing Up to Religious Proselytizing by Officer Delivering 4th of July Safety Briefing

Numerous active duty soldiers contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein on July 1, 2019 after their unit’s Safety Officer delivered a ‘4th of July Safety Briefing’ with an admonition that “none of you should be independent from Jesus” and that “the only real permanent safety in life is to accept Jesus as Lord and savior.” Based on fear of retribution from the Safety Officer resulting from directly pointing out the inappropriate nature of their religious admonitions during the briefing, one of the 13 MRFF clients in this matter approached the unit’s senior NCO (non-commissioned officer) for advice. The unit’s senior NCO agreed that the Safety Officer’s religious admonitions were “total messed up trash” and provided contact information for MRFF.

Mikey immediately assisted these clients in addressing their concerns via proper channels. MRFF received the following comment via email from one of the active duty clients in this matter:

First off thank you all so much for everything! I am a pretty new Army troop. I am a (very junior enlisted rank withheld) stationed at Fort (name withheld) which is one of the biggest bases in the world by square mile size of it and troops at it assigned here. I am also a Christian who has been raised in a (Protestant denomination withheld) family. Where my dad is deacon in our church and my mom teaches Sunday school every week.

Thank you for helping me and the other 12 members of my (unit name withheld) to file a EEO complaint and a IG complaint too. One of my buddies who is with us on this is Jewish. He had his great grandfather who was murdered at a Nazi camp in WW2. And another one of us had his cousin killed while working in the Towers as they fell in NYC on 911. And they whole family are Muslims too. They are hurt by this all like me and the others in our group who asked for your help.

None of us knew how to file a EEO or IG complaint or what to say in them. But you did and thank you from all of us Mr. Weinstein and the M.R.F.F. We will need you to help us along the way with these complaints. And if anyone in the chain does anything to punish us for doing this we know you will help us!

I called home about this and my mom and dad thank you all at the M.R.F.F. too. God Bless all of you at the M.R.F.F.

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