12/10/2019 – MRFF Assists Clients in Rapid Relocation of Nativity Scene from Military Unit’s Command HQ to Chapel Grounds

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December 10, 2019

MRFF Assists Clients in Rapid Relocation of Nativity Scene from Military Unit’s Command HQ to Chapel Grounds

Over 100 active duty clients (over ¾ self-identified Christians themselves) objected to the decision by their unit commander to allow the installation of a Christmas Nativity Scene in the lobby of the unit command’s HQ building. This commander’s decision was apparently made, in part at least, at the behest of 2 senior chaplains at the military installation after their determination that this would be a “legal” action by the commander. One of MRFF’s clients described the commander’s and chaplains’ actions in an email to MRFF Founder/President Mikey Weinstein:

Listening to our commander and those 2 chaplains try to justify this was really sickening and divisive. They tried to say we were unamerican and making war on Xmas and other messed up stuff.

After being contacted by these clients, Mikey communicated directly with the chain-of-command for the unit to inform them of the client objections to this commander’s actions. Mikey discussed the pertinent military regulations and underlying laws that were being violated with the commander’s chain-of-command as they pertained to the location of this sectarian religious display within the unit’s HQ building, or any location, outside of the installation’s chapel building/grounds which is designated for such religious displays. MRFF’s client described Mikey and MRFF’s involvement in this matter:

Within just a couple of days of contacting Mr. Weinstein and our (installation name withheld) MRFF representative here our command staff announced to all of us that the disputed Xmas nativity scene would be relocated back to the installation chapel grounds which had been per the MRFF’s demands made on our behalf. Mr. Weinstein made some serious calls to jack up our chain of command & cited some regs and laws and encouraged us to do the same. That is what won the day for all of us.

This entire matter has opened not only my eyes but the eyes of so many others as to what happens when our military makes only one religion-Christianity- which is my religion too-superior to all of the others. WRONG! There is still a lot of people angry about the fight we made with the MRFF’s help to have the Xmas nativity scene moved back to the chapel lawn. That is too bad. But that is also what the constitution says and we all made an oath to support and defend it.

On behalf of all of us thank you to the MRFF for helping us make this fight and for helping us win it. Never could have won it w/o the MRFF!

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