” Air Force Reserve Removes Shameless Proselytizing Video After MRFF Demand”

Mister Weinstein  
     I watched that video last night and after your reply I got to thinking and  I watched it again and even took some notes. I agree that one religion shouldn’t be promoted over another, that is wrong. Religion should be everyone’s individual choice (the best religion is the one that brings you closest to God). To me that video was more about Christianity then about a particular religion. Christianity is a PHILOSOPHY not a religion. Those airmen shown in the beginning were talking about their faith not about what specific religion they were. They were discussing things that all religions have in common (accepting of a higher power, faith in that power (God), the knowledge that we are all accountable to God and his son Jesus Christ. Those were just simple beautiful beliefs ALL religions have in common. That chaplain in the video talked about how a Soldiers spiritual health and well being is just as important as everything else and I don’t know how anybody could disagree with that. When I was in Desert Storm our chaplain would tell us we needed food for our bodies but reading the Bible and trusting in the Lord was like the food for our souls. In that video. there was a beautiful quote they mentioned by General of the Army George C. Marshall that all Soldiers should have to memorize here it is  The Soldier’s heart, the Soldiers spirit, the Soldiers SOUL are everything. Unless the Soldier’s soul sustains him he cannot be relied on and will fail himself and his country in the end. Some of our greatest military heroes have been men of strong faith like Sergeant Alvin York or Desmond Doss (the movie Hacksaw Ridge).  I think you’ll agree that no military leader comes greater then General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Well did you know that he included references to God and faith in his D Day message to his troops? He even prayed in his Inagural Address (you can look it up on line). I got a letter once from a Doolittle Raider and he told me that on that famous mission there were eighty mortals but one IMMORTAL. I think that is what makes them our greatest generation.
    I do want to apologize for comparing the MRFF to terrorists. That was unfair and wrong. In all fairness, your organization has done good work but I think its terrible what you did with that video and those words you used to describe it calling it vile and disgraceful. It was beautiful and maybe just maybe if you watched it from a different perspective you might see it that way too. When I was in Desert Storm I never prayed so much in my life as I did in that short time! As a Solider I was proud to serve my country and I would do it all over again in the blink of an eye, HOWEVER I am also proud to say I am God’s servant there can be no greater title. I pray for our service men and women in harms way every day. We all need God in our lives now more then ever with this terrible disease. Best wishes
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
….ok, thx (name withheld)…again, we will MASSIVELY disagree with most of what you said below…..Eisenhower, Marshall, York and Doss also all existed at a time when we had horrible racial segregation in our armed forces…much has necessarily changed for the good since their times…having private faith or non-faith beliefs is fine…..but when the gov’t, here DoD, puts its imprimatur of approval of one over all other faith and non-faith traditions it is completely unconstitutional and wrong….Christianity is a religion not  a mere ”philosophy”!!….tons of caselaw on that from SCOTUS……and we are NOT all accountable to God and/or his “son” Jesus….people like you who follow your version of Christianity (and there are THOUSANDS of versions!!) may believe that, but there are BILLIONS who do not…why would YOUR view be better in the eyes of our wonderful Constitution than all the others?…..otherwise, your apology about calling us terrorists is accepted…..MIkey


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