Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) Client Assistance Count Reaches Milestone of 70,000 Clients

August 6, 2020

MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein announced on Thursday, August 6, 2020 that the number of clients assisted by the Foundation since its founding in December/2005 had reached 70,005.  The overwhelming majority of MRFF’s clients remain confidentially protected (in perpetuity) by Mikey/MRFF based on their initial decisions to approach MRFF coming out of an overwhelming, and very well founded, concern for their personal/family/career safety.  The makeup of MRFF’s clientele has remained largely unchanged since its inception:

95% – Protestant or Roman Catholic

-75% of these are Protestant Denominations

-25% of these are Roman Catholic

5% –  Atheist, Agnostic, Islamic, Jew, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, Wiccan, Native-American Spiritualist, etc.

Date Number of Clients Annual Increase
1/24/2012 26,333 n/a
12/6/2012 30,512 4,179 (2012)
1/19/2014 36,044 5,532 (2013)
1/29/2015 40,251 4,207 (2014)
1/19/2016 44,112 3,861 (2015)
1/13/2017 49,629 5,517 (2016)
12/21/2017 53,202 3,573 (2017)
1/8/2020 66,341 13,139 (2018)

The incredible surge in new MRFF clients during 2019 is attributable to the Christian Supremacists actively operating within and around the U.S. Military emboldened by the Trump Administration and their Congressional enablers.  At the rough midway point of 2020, MRFF has added an additional 3,664 new clients so far…or what could be considered a ‘low normal’ total for a full year.



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