MRFF Assists Client in Standing Up Against Pervasive Form of Illicit Religious Proselytizing

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An active duty U.S. Military Officer contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein on October 6, 2021 regarding a mandatory Commander’s Call that ended with a senior enlisted leader openly engaging in sectarian religious proselytizing via a Biblical passage ‘shared’ with the assembled military personnel.  This Client had heard about MRFF and knew Mikey would provide pertinent advice on how to appropriately respond to this inappropriate action.  MRFF’s Client emailed the following description about what transpired after consulting Mikey:

Hi Mikey and MRFF, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance with an incident that recently occurred.  I was shocked when it happened in my unit, and knew I had to personally address the issue with our leadership.  The incident involved one of our senior military leaders blatantly proselytizing the Christian faith to subordinates at a large, mandatory, military formation/meeting of our unit. It consumed all of my thoughts for the rest of the day and I knew the incident would have a negative impact on our unit, let alone it could negatively impact my ability to perform my best in the unit.  I reached out late that night on MRFF’s website, and within minutes that night, Mikey called me for more information.  During our conversation he provided additional resources, and the exact regulation references.  More importantly, he encouraged me and provided the necessary assurances that this incident was in fact a violation of the Establishment Clause.  Armed with this information, the next day, I was able to confidently address the situation with our leadership.  Thank you again Mikey for your confidence in me, and boosting my courage to stand up for what is right, ethical, and legal. 

(Active Duty U. S. Military Officer/MRFF Client’s name rank, title, unit and military installation all withheld)

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