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From: MRFF Client and Supporter’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: RE: Thank you MRFF
Date: November 10, 2021 at 5:42:55 PM MST
To: ‘Michael L Weinstein

On the eve of Veterans Day Mr. Weinstein is the perfect time to reflect on what transpired recently at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery and in the VA.  Not long ago, I contacted you and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) who seized the challenge to eliminate headstones in the VA’s National Cemetery Administration (NCA) praising Adolf Hitler and visually showcasing Nazi swastikas. 

I explained to you and the MRFF that I had relatives and friends buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, where two of these headstones were located. I expressed my thoughts on how this was an absolute abomination to Americans and all Allies who waged unconditional warfare against the evil axis. Most importantly, this occurred on hallowed ground in a cemetery founded to honor Veterans and families who sacrificed so much for the Nation.  

You understood this so well and communicated that with such passion and chutzpah to journalists, Jewish Veterans groups, and Congressional members who interviewed you and me. They too understood and endorsed you and the MRFF’s efforts to right a serious wrong. 

Immediately after contacting you, the MRFF seized the offensive to eliminate these pseudo-shrines to Hitler and Nazism. THANK YOU!  

If all the voices who suffered under this evil empire could sing your praises, their voices would be endless. On behalf of those silent voices – THANK YOU Mikey and to the rest of the MRFF. 

If the Secretary of the VA and Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery director had the only votes we would still be viewing these despicable monuments to global genocide under their myopic, flawed logic and management. Never was their leadership in line with America’s values unlike the MRFF who embraces and argues on behalf of its clients with a deep-rooted understanding of the US Constitution.

Thankfully, the MRFF and its supporters are people endowed with common sense and integrity who came forward to right the VA’s heinous wrong. The American public, Texas and San Antonio residents never knew the VA attempted to nullify the removal of these headstones by replacing them early before the news media and the MRFF caught wind of it. But they were discovered.  

Thank you, thank you!

Name withheld, Colonel, USAF (retired)

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