First of two late-night voicemails to Mikey Weinstein from “Bruce from Dallas”

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Hey Mikey! I can’t believe you’re an Air Force Academy graduate. That just blows my mind for how you think like you do. Um, this is Bruce from Dallas again, and, no, Ross Perot would not approve of what you’re doing. He wouldn’t approve at all of what you’re doing. Well, we’re gonna lay – what is it? – seventy-five – we’ve got thirty-five wreaths at the Rose Hill – Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth this Sunday – and we’re gonna lay seventy-five wreaths, and we’re going to lay a wreath on uh – on uh – Lee Harvey Oswald as well, because he was a Marine. He was a Marine in spite of what he did. He deserves a wreath because all the people who take that oath and dedicate themselves to – you know – the cause of the military, no matter what happens after that – they deserve a wreath. So, we got seventy-five wreaths. I just want you to know ‘cause I thought you’d be happy. If you wanna meet us out there, we’ll be out there one o’clock – Rose Hill Cemetery – it’s actually called the Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park. It’s at 7301 East Lancaster in Fort Worth, 76112. I went to – I went to school – Eastern Hills High School with Curt Shannon, and he was the grandson of the guy who actually became the owner of the cemetery – of the funeral home that does all that – but yeah, yeah, we’re gonna continue to put wreaths on the graves of people, and there’s nothing you can do about it at al. And the Romans did that in an honor, so I don’t care what the people who made the wreaths said – they’re Christian or not. We put wreaths on cemeteries – on gravesites because it’s an honor, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. I want you to know that. And your [?] and your cause is petty. It’s petty and disgusting. It’s silly. It’s silly silly. How the hell are you an Air Force Academy graduate if you think like you do. That’s just weird. Ross Perot would just turn over in his grave if he knew what you were doing. So, we’re gonna continue to put graves – to put wreaths – call ‘em Christian or not – I say they’re Christian – I’m putting’ a Christian wreath on it. I like the word Christian on top of it. But it doesn’t have to be Christian. We’re gonna put wreaths on graves no matter what you can do and do about it. Nothin’.

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