California Council of Churches IMPACT Letter in Support of Rep. Casey Weinstein and Family

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January 29, 2022

Elizabeth Sholes, Public Policy Advocate

For a nation that loudly proclaims its devotion to “Judeo-Christian values”, a large numbers of said people seem to have a real problem with the “Judeo” part of it.  

About a week ago, a group of self-styled Christians laid siege to the home of Ohio state representative, Casey Weinstein. They picketed him and his family, proclaiming their superiority as Christians to this good legislator who is Jewish. They waved banners of stout-hearted Christianity, demanded the Weinstein family kneel to Christian superiority, and otherwise terrified the Weinstein children, one of whom is only 4 years old.  

It’s not even clear why they took this tact. It didn’t seem to be about anything Rep. Weinstein had done but that he is Jewish.  Since when is that a bad thing in America?  How does it square with those “values” so flouted by conservative extremists?  

The rise of virulent anti-Semitism today is an offense to any Constitution-loving American. Is there a single right we value more than the First Amendment freedom of religion and conscience? It is equally an offense against every real Christian who embraces all others regardless of belief as Jesus embraced the Samaritans, gentiles, and others as part of his universal family of love.  

California Council of Churches IMPACT is 1.5 million members strong within 5500 congregations of the mainline and progressive Protestant communities of faith.  We also have members who are Jewish, Catholic, and of no religion at all. Our common devotion to inclusiveness and justice is what binds us.  We repudiate the actions of those who seek to divide and demean. That wasn’t Jesus’ way.  It’s not ours.  

We have long supported Rep. Weinstein’s parents’ work in promoting religious freedom for all people. We now stand by this next generation.  This is not America as we envision it.  We reject utterly the thugs and hypocrites who engaged in this nasty, unprincipled act at the Weinstein’s home. 

We stand for the First Amendment and for an inclusive society. We denounce these actions utterly.  Their behavior goes beyond the bounds of their free speech rights and right to assemble. They verge on true threats based on hate, and they have no place in America.

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