MRFF Action Forces Immediate Relocation of Sectarian Holiday Display and Recruitment Message from Military Installation’s Headquarters (HQ) Building

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November 30, 2022

With the regularity of the calendar & the clock, MRFF’s assistance this holiday season has once again been requested by clients seeking to perform their duties without the overbearing and unconstitutional imprimatur of fundamentalist Christian religious preference and superiority with the U.S. Military.  This situation created by a group of officers and their spouses was also immediately followed by the now obligatory wails/screeches of ‘Cancel Culture’ as their attempts at imposing their religious ‘culture’ on others failed so quickly. 

MRFF was able to quickly assist 18 clients at a large military base have the unconstitutional display removed from the highly inappropriate HQ location to the on-base Chapel facility as intended and designed to handle such religious displays.  One of MRFF 18 clients in this matter provided an email detailing the situation and resolution of this matter:

From: (Active Duty Military Member’s E-mail Address Withheld)
Subject: Christmas nativity scene removed
Date: November 30, 2022 at 9:59:20 AM MST
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mikey we just wanted to thank you and our local MRFF Rep. (name and rank withheld) here at (installation name withheld) for engaging with our (military unit name withheld) commander and his staff to get a Christmas nativity scene immediately removed from the main lobby of our HQ building.

This nativity scene was put in place over the Thanksgiving holiday by a group of officers and their spouses who also run some sort of bible outreach program here on base.

We know this because they actually left a small sign at the sight of the nativity scene encouraging viewers to “Contact Us For Further Christian Fellowship” and we had our MRFF Rep. follow up and confirm who these people are.

Unfortunately if MRFF had not done something about this we don’t believe anything would have happened.  In less than an hour after being contacted by both our MRFF Rep. and Mikey our commander had the nativity scene removed from our HQ lobby and placed over at the base chapel.  We don’t know what if any sort of punishment will happen to the officers and their spouses who erected it in the first place?

A lot of people liked that nativity display. They are now angry that it was removed over to the chapel. The word is out that the MRFF made it happen. They are looking for those of us who “canceled” Christmas by asking MRFF for help here to get the job done. They are screaming “Cancel Culture”. They ignore the fact that they are the ones who “canceled” their oaths to the Constitution.

Our group of (military members description withheld) who requested MRFF’s intervention does include non-Christians like Jews and Muslims and non-believers. But most of us are Christians like me who can clearly see how wrong it was for this nativity scene to be in our HQ building of all places! Over at the chapel is fine but not in the HQ building of a major combat unit.

Most of us have been deployed into combat in the sandbox and have personally observed how any kind of religious supremacy can be so harmful.  If any kind of reprisal against our group which asked the MRFF for help happens we will contact you again right away.

In the meantime thank you all at the MRFF for all you did to help us here. And thank you for all you do!

(name, rank, title withheld) on behalf of 17 other (military members description withheld) assigned to (military unit name withheld) at (military installation name withheld)

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