CH (COL-R) Quentin D Collins

Chaplain Colonel Retired Quentin D Collins, Ph.D served the United States Air Force and the United States Army over a long and eventful career. Starting out as an enlisted Airman and eventually becoming a Chaplain, first in the Air Force and then in the Army he has understood first hand, the challenges a service member must face in various levels of following and leading. During his tenure he was involved in four combat deployments, all happening after 9/11. He has the distinction of having been a combat tested Chaplain in both the Air Force and the Army. He also was seriously wounded in a mortar attack in the Mosul Area of Northern Iraq in December 2004. Due to the actions of that day he was awarded the Bronze Star with a Combat V device. This was directly the result of a suicide bomber in a Dining Facility in Forward Operating Base Marez. In addition to his Bronze Star he received a Purple Heart for wounds received that day. Further Colonel Collins was deployed again which resulted in the awarding of another Bronze Star because of his actions in support of the “surge” from 2007 – 2008. While on that deployment he was injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonation that injured his left leg that has left him mobility impaired.

While in Iraq on his last deployment (surge), he was asked to take an orders set for National Guard Bureau in Washington DC, and immediately moved there upon his return. While in DC he created the Wounded Warriors Resolution Center which eventually became the Army Wounded Warriors Program (AW2). He also was the first Branch Chief for the Family Programs under the Army National Guard G-1. As such he was over the entire program for all 54 States, Territories and the District of Columbia. While in that assignment he also became the Strong Bonds Program Manager and under his leadership it became a Presidential Budget item. After completing that position he became the Resource and Training Director for the Joint Chaplains Office for the National Guard in Crystal City, VA. After the office went through a realignment he was selected to move to the Joint Family Programs Office where he became the Inter Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) Director which eventually became the program now called Joining Community Forces (JCF). Part of the job included melding the Partners in Care program from Maryland whereby Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and even Outreach Clubs would agree to provide emergency assistance to a military member or their family without regards to their religious persuasion or lack of religious persuasion or proselytizing or evangelizing as is agreed to in a contract that they enter.

Colonel Collins, is a staunch supporter of a Military Member, Veteran or their Family being afforded the opportunity to practice their religion, or no religion of their choice. He proved his ability in that having moved to New Mexico to become the Command Chaplain for the State he directed and trained all Chaplain staff in the intricacies of performing (as is allowed by their endorser) or providing (what is needed by the member) services with no regard to religious affiliation. In so doing he brought Mr. Mikey Weinstein to speak to the group and now the Chaplain Staff are deeply in tune and as such there have been few complaints.

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