Ted Furlow

-BS in Marketing from the University of San Francisco

-MA in Pastoral Theology from Loyola Marymount University

-Married 50 years – 1968… same woman, I am a lucky man!

-Retired as the Director of Pastoral Planning, Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino – 16 years

-Active ministry in Marriage Preparation, Archdiocese of Los Angeles – 25 years

Excerpts from: Inland Catholic Byte; Diocese of San Bernardino Article dated, July 15, 2016

“Planning Director Ted Furlow retires”

Furlow retired from his post as the Director of Pastoral Planning on July 7 after 16 years of ministry in the Diocese of San Bernardino. He brought decades of experience as a contractor when he was hired as Construction Coordinator for the Diocese in 1999. While his business experience was valuable, he says he quickly learned that there is another dimension to building and planning when it becomes a ministry of the Church

“You have to be more inclusive of the individuals you’re dealing with and you have to be open to the presence of the Holy Spirit,” he says.


Furlow and his staff have served in a consultative role to many parishes in the Diocese who were seeking to form or strengthen a Pastoral Council. They have also worked with Catholic schools and diocesan ministries to develop strategic plans. He also established a relationship between the Diocese and Mission Insight to provide statistical data on parishes for planning purposes. In recent years, the Department of Planning also coordinated Episcopal Visitations in the Diocese and provided oversight to the newly-formed Office of Transitions.

In addition to his work in Planning, Furlow also served on the Diocesan Curia and Bishop’s Senior Staff, where he was known for being well-read and often direct in offering his perspective on the larger issues of the Church. He wrote (and will continue to write) a column in the Inland Catholic BYTE, “The Layman’s Minute,” and through his narration of Diocesan videos he was humorously referred to as the “voice of the Diocese.”


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