FOREIGN POLICY – Mikey Weinstein’s Crusade

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  1. Sara Meric

    Mikey, I would feel a LOT more comfortable if you did not use the term
    “crusade” to characterize your activity/ Considering what the Crusades did to Jews like me — and you — we should instead use the term “campaign”. Yes, the term “crusade” has passed into the popular language, but that doesn’t mean we need to use it. Consider the obscenity of trivializing a term like “Nazi” via Seinfeld; an insult to victims of the real Nazis.

  2. Tony Litwinko

    With all due respect, Sara, the writer for Foreign Policy and his editors used the term “crusade,” not Mikey Weinstein. Since one of his targets all along has been the use of language such as “crusaders” and “crusade” in pointing to the influence of fundamentalist Christian dispensationalism in our armed forces, I am sure that Mikey, as am I and I hope all of MRFF members and supporters, is not very pleased with the headline on the article. Ironic or not, Foreign Policy’s editorial decision to use the phrase indicates either complete insensitivity to the nuances of the English language and the purpose of MRFF or less than benign intent. Let’s focus on the real target of MRFF and keep holding the armed forces and the Pentagon culpable for their failure to uphold the Constitution.

  3. The term ‘crusade’ actually refers to Roman Catholic religious war, such as that against Jewish peoples and many many others- I can’t see the basis for the 1st comment at all, as it is a most appropriate term if you know the history.

    Apparently few do, leading to such travesties as the US government being led by the nose by Jesuit Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, on behalf of religious war against non Roman Catholics such as the despicable 1995 ‘Operation Storm”

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